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The Superhero Executive Legion 

1. The Superhero Executive Legion (TSEL) is a community created from the pool of active players in our game. 
2. The aim of TSEL is to improve the real lives of members and the world in general. 
3. TSEL aims to (a) distribute cash to all members on a regular basis ( based on 2 types of profit sharing), (b) highlight remarkable business brands and organisations to members. (c) make marginal donations to the charities chosen by members. (d) improve members’ romance, investment and career opportunities by direct interventions. 
4. TSEL has 2 types of memberships: Volunteers & Supporters. Volunteers get 22% of our annual profit. Supporters also get 22% of our annual profit. Top tiered volunteers get to vote for their favourite charities to receive 6% of our profit as donations. (In total, we will give back 50% of our profit to society.)
5. Volunteers are backbone of The Superhero Executive. Players who opt to become TSEL members don’t have to pay anything to join TSEL but they have to send screenshots of 2 things to admin to register: A. A screenshot of their Google Play Store rating on our game, B. A screenshot of their game account owning 35 coins. They don’t have to buy anything, because they already have 30 coins to start with and they only need to watch 5 advertisements to get 5 coins. All they need to do is to go into the game: Menu>Get More Coins>Watch Video To Get 1 Coin. And do it 5 times.
6. Supporters are volunteers who want an additional share of our profit. To qualify, they must first register themselves as a volunteer. How much share each Supporter will get will depend on their purchases as a ratio to the total amount of purchases by other Supporters. 
7. That is: Once they are registered as a Supporter, the amount they can share will be a ratio of: How much 22% of our profit is and how many % came from their in-app purchase. 
8. We will reward all members with a portion of our following year’s annual revenue. 
9. There are 8 volunteer ranks. Reward size will be based on the rank held at the last day of our financial year. 
10. To be promoted and stay promoted, volunteers need to make contributions to our game and/ or to the world. 
11. Each volunteer will have a different code number. This code number will be prefixed by an alphabet that are changeable by Admin and that denotes the rank of the member. Example C8000 079 346. (Rank. Continent. 9-digit Serial number.)
12. Reward size will be calculated based on our annual revenue but will be divided into 12 monthly payments. 
13. The volunteers of the top 3 rankings will form the Board of Supreme Superheroes. 
14. The Board of Supreme Superheroes can propose to promote, demote or remove members. 
15. They can also vote on game development and profit allocation, mainly for research grants. 
16. The Superhero Executive Legion is a secret team. But everything we do will be legal. 
17. Our existence, donations and member nicknames are not secrets. 
18. Our rituals, operations, passwords, training, meeting locations, member ranks are secrets.
19. Rank confirmation when volunteers meet privately will be done through email. 


How we divide the 22% of our annual revenue with the 8 groups of volunteers:

We will pay each group 2% except for the 3 top ranks, which will get 4% per group. 
We will ensure that the number of members of each rank will always be more than the rank above it. 

For more details on the ranks, please go to our page: Ranks of Volunteers. 
There can only be one Field Marshal at any one time, if any. Thus, anyone who made it to the rank of Field Marshal for that financial year will earn the full 4% of our following year profit. 

For example, if the annual profit is $10,000,000 then the 4% will be worth $400,000. 


We aim to share up to 22% of our annual revenue with supporters too. 

Every purchase amount in our game will be calculated based on the screenshots you sent in. 
After beta, we will try to make it easier for you and us to keep track of the amount. But for now, we need your help with the screenshots. 

For example, if the annual profit is $10,000,000, 22% will be $2,200,000. Let’s say the total  purchases by Supporters is $1,000,000 and your purchases amount is $1,000. This means that you will get 0.1% of $2,200,000 which is $2,200. 


Why the total purchases amount can be less than the annual profit? That is because we will also share our profit from advertisements too.

* Purchases can include: In-app purchase (once it is available), sales of souvenirs and ebook. It will also include the income we derived from Patreon dot com.

To join our Discord Channel "The Superhero Executive", please use this link:

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