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The virtuous circle of TSE and TSEL 

We are a fun mobile game, but more than that, we are also a “real life x game cyclical-reward-project”. 
A game can only give you some marginal rewards. But as a reward project, we aim to give a lot more. 

Please see our potential reward list at the bottom of this page… 


  1. Player plays TSE well and wins a prize in the game ===> 2 

  2. Player gets some ranking quotient (points) from every win ===> 3

  3. Player eventually gets promoted to a higher rank in TSEL after accumulating many points. In addition, player might have earned extra points by contributing to the game and /or the world ===> 4

  4. For every promotion achieved, player may get a surprise game boost and thus increase the chances of winning the next game ===> 1 

At the same time, a higher rank will mean a higher share of TSE revenue every month. 

Potential TSEL Rewards:

  1. One-off Cash reward 

  2. Monthly salary 

  3. Souvenirs 

  4. Parties 

  5. Special experience 

  6. Apprenticeship 

  7. Mentorship 

  8. Travel

  9. Employment in TSE

  10. Employment in an associated organisation 

  11. Promoted as artist 

  12. Promoted as guru

  13. Business opportunities 

  14. Business partnerships

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