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Investment is an aspect of modern life that most people should learn about. Even for those who has no excess money to invest, they also need to know the basics. 

This is because understanding the power of compound interest and compound growth can steer a person away from debts and towards savings. 

We believe that knowing the path and walking the path is very different. That is, even if we knew about investment, even if we heard all the ‘guru’s investment tactics, there is nothing better than to experience it. 

Thus, at The Superhero Executive, we will let players trade shares and stock, Dow Jones index, gold, commodities, at real world prices. 

  1. It is totally safe because you are only trading with free in-game currency. 

  2. Yet, trading in our game is more meaningful than playing trading games ran by trading exchanges where they may simply gave you $1million just for registering your email. With us, the currency needs to be earned in the game and this needs some effort. 

  3. If you are really into this game, you will tread carefully and not waste your currency.

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