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  1. In this game, players try to earn as many Hero Points as possible. 

  2. To earn Hero Points, you need to successfully attack others or successfully defend yourself against others. 

  3. To be able to attack, you need to A. Be strong. B. Own a home in any province on the World Map. 

  4. To buy a home, you need wealth. During beta, the amount is 500 Wealth Points. 

  5. Being strong is relative. A player can be strong in physical fighting but weak in romance or career. 

  6. In this game, all these 3 factors have 2 quotients each. One for attack, one for defence. That is, when a player attacks another, the server will calculate the attacker’s attack quotient vs the defender’s defence quotient to determine who won and how many Hero Points to award. 

  7. Players can only see how many points their 6 quotients have at the World Map and after tapping on the “Your Province” button. 

  8. This also means that before they owned a province, they can’t see their quotient power. 

  9. Each of these 6 quotients can be boosted by Aspect points (Skills) and Asset points (Investment). 

  10. Thus, the player needs to go around the 11 hunting grounds to get those points, including wealth points. The wealth points can then be used to buy assets to boost quotient power. 

The 6 quotients are: 

  1. Fighting Attack Quotient. FAQ

  2. Fighting Defence Quotient. FDQ

  3. Seduction Attack Quotient. SAQ

  4. Seduction Defence Quotient. SDQ

  5. Forced Employment Attack Quotient. FEAQ

  6. Forced Employment Defence Quotient. FEDQ

Quotients and their elements: 


  1. Fighting Attack 

  2. Energy 

  3. Awe From Others

  4. Strength 

  5. Agility 

  6. Confidence 

  7. Flexibility 

  8. Sporting 

  9. Driving 

  10. Diligence 

  11. Healing Power 


  1. Guns. Smith & Wesson. $12.39. 

  2. Bow and Arrow. Escalade Sports. $15.71

  3. Hunting Net. V. F. 17.65. 

  4. Car. BMW Euro 99



  1. Fighting Attack 

  2. Energy 

  3. Awe From Others

  4. Strength 

  5. Agility 

  6. Confidence 

  7. Flexibility 

  8. Sporting 


  1. Bullet Proof Vest. DuPont. 

  2. Defensive Maze. Game demand and supply 

  3. Medicine. Pfizer. 

  4. Farm. Coffee beans. 



  1. Courtship 

  2. Cooking 

  3. Etiquette 

  4. Massage 

  5. Intimacy 

  6. Attractiveness 

  7. Psychic Power

  8. Entertainment 

  9. Creativity 

  10. Poise

  11. RAS


  1. Clothing. LVMH. 

  2. Gold Bars. Spot gold. 

  3. Diamond. Rio Tinto. 118.54. Which is 119 buying. Selling price is 107. 10% lower. 

  4. Hotel. Hilton. 



  1. Courtship 

  2. Love

  3. Sensing Danger 

  4. EQ 

  5. Elegance 

  6. Glow

  7. Intelligence 

  8. Warmth

  9. Youthfulness 

  10. Lie Detecting Skill

  11. Break Bad Habit 


  1. Media Platforms. Disney. 

  2. Computer asset. IBM

  3. Pet School. Game demand and supply 

  4. Personal Tool. 3M




  1. Career 

  2. Management 

  3. Leadership 

  4. Executive 

  5. Talent 

  6. Motivation 

  7. Negotiation 

  8. Marketing 

  9. Invest Skills 

  10. Organisation 


  1. Commercial Building. China State Cons Ltd 

  2. Training Centre. Game demand and supply 

  3. Casino. MGM. 

  4. Stock Market. Dow Jones. 



  1. Career 

  2. Communication 

  3.  Entertainment 

  4. Adaptability 

  5. Thinking Big

  6. Negotiation 

  7. Sensing Vibration

  8. Meditation 

  9. Computing 


  1. Houses. Toll Brothers. 

  2. Boats. Benetti 

  3. Airplanes. Airbus. 

  4. Art Pieces. The Superhero Executive. 

Do note these 2 important points:

  1. The prices we quoted in the game are just for trading skill purposes. So please don’t complain that some stocks are quoted in different currencies in the real world (USD, RMB, EURO, etc) while we just use the numbers. 

  2. We are keen to work with brands that want to work with us. For example, if Mitsubshi suddenly gives us an offer we can’t refuse, our car prices might change from BMW to Mitsubishi.

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