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Ranks of Volunteers

  1. The Superhero Executive Legion (TSEL) is a community created from the pool of active and willing volunteers players in our game. 

  2. The aim of TSEL is to improve the lives of members and the world in general. 

  3. TSEL (a) will distribute cash to all members, (b) highlight remarkable business brands and organisations to members. (c) make donations to the charities chosen by members. (d) may improve members’ romance, investment and career opportunities by direct interventions. 

  4. For the early birds, there is no joining or membership fees ever. 

  5. But players don’t automatically become members. They have to apply for membership. 

  6. We will reward all members with a portion of our following year’s annual revenue. 

  7. There are 8 ranks. Reward size will be based on the rank held at the last day of our financial year. 

  8. To be promoted and stay promoted, members need to make contributions to our game and/ or to the world. 

  9. Each member will have a different code number. This code number will be prefixed by an alphabet that are changeable by Admin and that denotes the rank of the member. Example C8000 079 346. (Rank. Continent. 9-digit Serial number.)

  10. Reward size will be calculated based on our annual revenue but will be divided into 12 monthly payments. 

  11. The members of the top 3 rankings will form the grand council. 

  12. The grand council can propose to promote, demote or remove members. 

  13. The Superhero Executive Legion is a secret team. But everything we do will be legal. 

  14. Our existence, donations and member nicknames are not secrets. (We aim to give a personal email to every member at a later stage.)

  15. Our rituals, operations, passwords, training, meeting locations, member ranks are secrets.

  16. Rank confirmation when members meet privately will be done through email. 

In the long run, we aim to share up to 22% of our annual revenue with members.

  1. We will pay each rank 2%. But the top 3 ranks get 4% each. 

  2. For ranks above Special Agents, we will ensure that the number of members of each rank will always be more than the rank above it. 

  3. There can only be one Field Marshal at any one time, if any. Thus, anyone who made it to the rank of Field Marshal for that financial year will earn the full 4% of our following year revenue. 

  4. There can be a maximum of 10 Generals. 

For example, if the annual revenue is $10,000,000 then the 2% per group will be $200,000. But if revenue is low, then the amount can be really small too. 

Ranks and the number or alphabet representative of it: 

  1. Field Marshal (only one member can hold this rank at any one time, if any). 

  2. General (maximum of 10)

  3. Brigadier General 

  4. Major

  5. Captain 

  6. Lieutenant 

  7. Warrant Officer. Once a TSEL member contributed something useful, they would be shortlisted for promotion to Warrant Officer. Promotion exercises are held every financial year after beta. 

  8. Special Agent. Base level of TSEL. Players who have submitted their rating to us will start here. 

  9. Ordinary Sapients of the general world (gamer of TSE but not yet a member of TSEL)

Continent Number:

  1. Africa 

  2. Asia

  3. Europe 

  4. North America 

  5. South America 

  6. Oceania

  7. China

  8. India 

  9. Unstable or secret 

Insignia colour code

  1. Orange red green blue (highest rank)

  2. Orange red blue green 

  3. Red orange green blue 

  4. Red orange blue green

  5. Red green blue orange 

  6. Red blue green orange 

  7. Green red blue orange 

  8. Green blue red orange 

  9. Blue red green orange (lowest rank)

Corporate animals:

  1. Eagle

  2. Lion

  3. Tiger 

  4. Badger 

  5. Mongoose 

  6. Snake 

  7. Leopard 

  8. Crocodile 

  9. Hippopotamus

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