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What is this game about:

Knowledge (both from Education and Experience)
is very important if we want to do well in life. 

  1. Education needs to be a life long quest because we human beings kept discovering new ways to look at and to do things. 

  2. Yes, there are lots of information on podcasts and videos online. But how many people will have the motivation to go watch and learn? Our game can be the needed catalyst. 

  3. Experience is a very good teacher. But having real experiences may be very painful, difficult and expensive. 

  4. Some people say that it is better to learn from other people’s experience. But then again, if it is not first hand, the lesson may not be deep. 


Our game seeks to offer both: Life long Education of the latest information and Experience. 

How our game is different in many ways: 

  1. This is a video game; we are not just multiple screens of slides. 

  2. 3 dimensional: Avatars and enemies can move in all directions, even morph into a bird to fly across landscapes ( some features are only available after beta).   

  3. Open world: Players can choose to explore anywhere and capture or ignore animals or poachers. Players can trade with Admin and/ or any other players. Players can attack enemies and support or even betray their alliance. 

  4. When: The game is set in the today’s day world. In fact, the value of most of the assets like the stock market (Dow Jones), gold, coffee beans will be the same as each’s real life daily prices. 

  5. Where (i): There is a real world map in the game. We play on earth. There are 4,,000+ real world provinces. Which province you choose to base in will be where most of the actions are for you. You can attack players that are further away, but the longer distance will mean a longer landing time. (After beta.) That means that they have more time to prepare defence. 

  6. Where (ii): Players are free to recommend their favourite places for us to set the 11 hunting grounds. We use Google Maps to help us get the terrain accurate. 

  7. RPG (i): Yes. It is a RPG game. But it is almost not an RPG game too. In our game, you don’t have to role play as someone else. You are just a more clever and playful version of yourself (maybe more ruthless too), and armed with a secret device that can help you go into a parallel world to learn real life stuff. Is that role play?

  8. RPG (ii): In fact, you can also reverse things. Yes, what you learn and experience in the game can help your real life. But, what you do (help others) in real life can also help your game. For example: When we recognised your contributions in real life, we may give you surprise gifts in your game!

  9. Multifaceted: We are unlike most other games that make you attack and kill others. In our game, you can choose to rob other players or seduce or force them to work for you. And you can sabotage their businesses or takeover them. You can give information to help players or you can spread rumours to harm them! We don’t encourage killing. 

  10. Player vs Player: You pit your skills against real people and not just a computer algorithm. Again, we are more than that. In this game, there are ‘aliens’ who don’t follow human rules, in addition to other players. Make use of these aliens. 

  11. MMORPG are usually games that require all your alliance members to be online at the same time as you, ours don’t. Taking down AI enemy bosses together is in the cards but not yet available.​

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