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  1. There are about 20 different types of animals in the 11 terrains during beta. 

  2. We will try to add another 20 types later. 

  3. During beta, they are relatively easy to capture. Gradually, the animals will become more sophisticated and dangerous. 

  4. Different animals may have different destructive powers and running speed. 

  5. Some types of animals are found in some hunting grounds but not others. 

  6. We believe that animal hunting is a good way to relax the mind and exercise the eyes. 

  7. Animals can be captured with hands, hand held weapons or arrows (after beta). 

  8. If you rented a horse, your attacking power against the animals will be higher. 

  9. Your horse will be able to swim across lakes too. 

As mentioned, Energy is the only aspect that is not upgradable through learning new knowledge. Rather, a player gets Energy in 2 steps:

  1. Capture animals from any of the 11 hunting grounds (Main Hunting Ground + 10 others)

  2. Go to Menu / Animals in order to convert the animals into energy. 

  3. Animals can also be given to other players and / or admin. 

  4. Why should a player give animals to admin? Because admin will reward you with wealth! Please go to the section on Quests and Mini Contests for details.

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