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Game summary 

Setting. Character. Conflict. Solution. 


  1. Set in today’s economic and social real world 2023. And also, in a parallel world!



  1.  The character you play is just you. Just your usual self. But, with a new device that allows travel to and fro a certain parallel world to earn skills, prizes, experience and rank for redemption and use in your real life. 



  1. Too many people are sad, stressed, weak in the mind, unhealthy in the body. Most adults don’t even know how to keep their bodies in good condition, nor do they know how to control addictions. Some are down right evil. Earth is polluted. 

  2. A group of people have evil thoughts to control the earth. 

  3. Some alien-kinds, including those which had establish the Sumer Civilisation, are considering a takeover of earth by first inducing humans to let machine learning run wild. 



  1. Strengthen yourself. Know the various systems in the vast world. Develop helicopter view. Attack the evil with your team. Help your people, save the earth, get the aliens to be on our side. Be rewarded.

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