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A background story for those who need/ prefer a background story to play a mobile game seriously: 

If ‘universe’ is defined as ‘everything we can see and understand’, then there is only one universe. 
If ‘universe’ is defined as ‘everything there is’, then there could be multiple, parallel universes.

If we agree that God created the universe or that the Big Bang created the universe, then is it not possible that God created more than one universe or that they were multiple Big Bangs? (Some people think that the James Webb Space Telescope has disproved the Big Bang theory but let’s not go there for now.)

Thus, it is not too ridiculous to presume that there are parallel universes and that a version of us is in each of those parallel.


And along those lines: 
If so, then is it also possible that whatever you do here can affect ‘the other you’ in another universe? And vice versa?

In our game, you do not need to imagine that you are someone who has entered another body, or gone back in time to build a city, or gone forward in time to manage some spaceships.

In this game, you just need to be you. 

Our game, our app, is just a device for you to occasionally enter into a parallel world so that you can learn important skills, experience nerve wracking or enjoyable situations, and do things that are usually unthinkable! Examples: Kidnap your enemy, seduce your neighbour, betray your CEO, destroy or takeover other people’s corporations. 

We think that there are multiple universes because of superpositions of subatomic/ energy particles. However, that is not the complete story - since our existence is based on two things: energy (atoms) and consciousness. 

As for consciousness, we only have one. Thus, when we travel to a parallel world, the consciousness stopped taking in experiences in the current world. 
(There are also theories that consciousness is also a form of energy and that everyone & everything is actually part of just one consciousness. In a way, that is true. But again, let’s not overly emphasise that here.)

In other words, there can be many energised forms of you in many worlds, but there is only one conscious you. 


  1. You can put your newly acquired skills to use. (Legal ones only, please.) The stuff we put in the The Superhero Executive (TSE) world can definitely help you live a better life. 

  2. And, if you stood out above the rest in the TSE world, you can claim cash prizes (in gold or SG$) in real life or opt for 50% holiday deals! 

  3. You can also join our legion and help real people in their actual lives. 

  4. In this legion, just being a member can already earn you real money. 

  5. Joining is free and all annual membership fees will be forever waived for people who joined in this beta phase. 

  6. At the top few ranks, the monthly payout can be quite substantial. 

  7. If you contribute your ideas or experience to help other users of this app, you improve your chances for promotion. 

  8. If you promote our game on your social media and show us that it’s effective, you improve your chances for promotion. 

  9. If you win any of the games, you improve your chances for promotion. 

  10. You can even become a secret agent that directly helps other person’s career and/or romance. 


  1. The TSE earth has similar rotating speed of 24 hour days and 365.25 days per year. 

  2. It also has almost the same kind of geography, physics and gravity.  

  3. It even has the same cities and provinces as we know them. 

  4. Thus, the time needed when we attacked someone living in a nearer province will be shorter than someone far away. (After beta)

  5. The type of things you decide to learn will determine what you are good at. For example: If you focused on investment skills, you probably will be more wealthy. If you focused on courtship skills, you probably will be able to seduce better. 

  6. The prices and values of Dow Jones, coffee beans and gold are the same as real life and will be updated daily. Same for share prices of some companies that we use in the game 

  7. The prices of other assets are influenced by players’ demand and supply.


On the TSE earth, everyone knows (unlike the people in the real world) that we have to urgently unite ourselves in order to deal with 2 things: 

  1. The rapidly disappearing human happiness because of the rich-poor gap, racism & the misunderstanding of our individual mission on earth, and 

  2. The impending invasion of aliens. 

On that understanding, everyone tries to outwit one another in order to dominate the world. 

Although we know that the TSE world is a parallel world, we want to become our best in there. 


  1. Some unfriendly aliens may pretend to be an earthlings and try to dominate the TSE world. If that happens they may gain high positions in the legion (TSEL) and try to obstruct our efforts to help as many people as we can. 

  2. Winning a game can earn you substantial rewards. 

  3. A higher ranking legion member will receive more rewards than a lower one. Winning a game adds to your promotion quotient. 

  4. Other than the above, it is also fun to win and to tease others and make others do real life forfeits! (After beta)


  1. In the beginning, there was just the (Makers’) consciousness. 

  2. The consciousness moved and twisted, creating photons and energy; and matter was created. Energy was created. 

  3. Some theories said the Big Bang happened about 14 billion years ago. Some other theories said there was already a massive universe 14 billion years ago. 

  4. Regardless, numerous galaxies, stars, planets and moons were formed. 

  5.  The universe, as we knew it, was growing and expanding at a speed greater than the speed of light. (Who says nothing can go faster than the speed of light?)

  6. Some believe that our universe is expanding because more and more consciousness is entering it. 

  7. Earth was formed 4.5 billion years ago and our moon joined us soon after, dropping lots of H2O and laying the foundation for carbon based life. 

  8. After watching all these developments, the Makers decided to create life forms by adding consciousness into energy. 

  9. Most of the life forms lived on the surface of the planets and moons. 

  10. But some do not like the radiation and ultraviolet rays and chose to live underground or underwater. 

  11. Some life forms were just like ours - carbon based. 

  12. Some life forms were silicon based. These may not have organs and may not need food, water or oxygen. 

  13. Some life forms were invisible to naked eyes and based on loosely held energy. These life forms were able to live in the stars (and sun). 

  14. Still, there were life forms just based on dark matter / dark energy. These were life forms that were able to transcend between universes, stars, planets and moons without gadgets. Yet, they are not pure consciousness. 

  15. After the plants and animals were made, the Makers decided to make creatures in the same image as the Makers. (In other writings, these may be known as humans or homo sapiens. But for our game, we call them Sapients)

  16. Most people only knew that the Makers created sapients. Not many knew the reasons behind the creation. We will discuss this. 

The creation of sapients. 

  1. As mentioned above, consciousness existed before energy, stars, planets, universes and life as we know it. 

  2. Sapients were also created. 

  3. The Makers gave the sapients more intelligence than other creatures. 

  4. The Makers were satisfied by the looks of the plants, animals and sapients. 

  5. But there were questions that were tickling and /or exciting the Makers’ minds. Five things…

  6. A. Wanted to see how the animals, plants and sapients interacted with one another in the long run. 

  7. B. Wanted to see how well these living things can survive. 

  8. C. Wanted to see how far the basic intelligence of the sapients can develop. 

  9. D. Wanted to know what the experience of a consciousness living within an energy is like. (Quoting some scientists: How does chocolate taste like?)

  10. E. Wanted to know which Maker amongst them created the most obedient but yet the most adventurous sapients. 

  11. To ‘deal’ with the above 5 points, the Makers decided these:

  12. A. Wanted to see how the plants, animals and sapients interacted with one another. (The Makers decided not to interfere no matter who is attacking or killing who.)

  13. B. Wanted to see how well these living things can survive. (The Makers placed different complicated life systems into different creatures, with DNA and genes that can be passed to offsprings. But in order not to overcrowd the habitats, the Makers also allowed the living things to die when their sirtuins failed to maintain total DNA duplication.)

  14. C. Wanted to see how far can the intelligence of the sapients develop. (The Makers won’t interfere even if the sapients go far as trying to create intelligence and consciousness in machines! And they are also allowed to think about their existence and wonder about the role of the Makers in their lives.)

  15. D. Wanted to know how consciousness will experience life within a body of energy. (Since the Makers allowed the living bodies to die, upon death, the consciousness must comes back to report its experiences.)

  16. E. Wanted to know which Maker amongst them created the most obedient but yet the most adventurous sapients. (The Makers drew up a complex contest for this: Every consciousness sent out will start with a 3D body at a Level 6 world. This may be on earth as an earthling or some other similar planets that supported carbon based life. If they did well, i.e. had lots of experiences, they may be promoted to a Level 5 world after they died. If they didn’t get enough experiences, they may be retained/ born again at a Level 6 world or be downgraded to a Level 7 world, which are dark dwarf planets. At a Level 5 world, their bodies will be 4 dimensional. If they continue to have lots of experiences, they will be promoted to a Level 4 world after they died, where they will have a 5 dimensional body. And so on… When they are at Level 1 worlds, their lives will be 11D and they will be pure consciousness and thus; they cannot be held back by space or time. They can travel to any where and any parallel universes they desire. They can relive in a lower level world if they so desire. The Maker who created the most pure consciousness in the multiple universe wins.)

  17. Note 1: Please do not think that ‘time’ is another dimension and thus we are already 4D. Time is just an abstract dimension and is not counted. We are 3D sapients gliding along the dimension of time. Also, there’s no need to bother to find out what 4D, 5D or beyond are like. We will never understand. It is just like anything in a 2D world will never understand our 3D world. Just know that mathematics has proven the existence of multiple dimensions. 

  18. Note 2: When the consciousness comes back to the Makers to report, their experiences will be measured in 3 ways. (a) Self-reported experience after death (b) Hormones and neurotransmitters released during life (c) Ability to control certain internal compounds during life. 

  19. (a) A sapient who had gone through more ups and downs in life will have more to report after death. 

  20. (b) Hormones and neurotransmitters measured will include dopamine, oxytocin, adrenaline, ghrelin, endorphin and acetylcholine. Generally, those who experienced more ups and downs will experience the discharge of more of these hormones and neurotransmitters. 

  21. (c) The internal compounds the sapients needed to control and regulate include mTOR, insulin, sirtuins, nitric oxide and AMPK. Generally, better the control of these compounds lead to younger and stronger bodies for a longer time. 

  22. Note 3: Please note that although the emphasis is on the amount of experience and not the class of experience, and the Makers didn’t say that evil deeds are not permitted, all consciousness are interlinked. Therefore, if you do evil, the same pain you inflicted upon others will be given back to you whenever you start to return to consciousness. And without the energy to help share the pain, your suffering could be many times worse. Thus, we advise that you accumulate all your naughty or evil experiences in the TSE game and not in real life. In the parallel TSE world, your bad deeds are forgiven by the time each game ended. 

  23. Note 4: Along the same vein, we want to point out that if you give others a lot of pleasure in your life, you will receive the same, after your consciousness left your body. 

  24. Since the Makers created life in numerous stars, planets and moons, sapients were sent to numerous locations. 

  25. Time in the planets and stars that were nearer to the centre of the universe moves slower and those further from the centre moves faster. This is because speed inversely affects time; and objects nearer to the centre of the universe moves much faster. 

  26. As a result, the sapients living in places where time moves faster became more developed than others. By heaps. 

  27. Thus, some sapients in some faraway places were riding in space crafts even when those on earth were still hunting with stones and sticks. 

  28. More than that, some even better developed sapients elsewhere were traveling the universe through wormholes or with their sheer consciousness instead of their 3 - 7 dimensional bodies. 

  29. However, quick development also came with a cost for some of these civilisations - the destruction of their environment. 

  30. Thus, some of these well developed sapients started coming to earth thousands of years ago while searching for a new home or while searching for new resources. 

  31. Some saw the beautiful environment of earth and tried to settle down here. 

  32. But of course it was impossible to be an ordinary neighbour! Earthlings saw these advanced sapients as demigods or fairies since they came down from the skies and were able to move 60 tonne rocks to build pyramids in various locations in Africa, America and Asia! Researchers are quite sure that there is a reason for building so many pyramids along the same invisible line in different continents but that is beyond the scope of our game.  

  33. After lots of failures, most of these relatively more advanced sapients decided to look elsewhere for a new home and left earth. 

  34. Only those very advanced sapients who can pretend to be earthlings or remain invisible stayed on. 

  35. However, as time dragged on, the home environment of these advanced sapients/ aliens became worse and worse. It became imminent that they need another home. And taking over earth seemed one of their best option…

Unless a consciousness reached its final objective of 11 dimension, it cannot permanently return to the Makers. 

The 7 levels of sapients are:

  1. Universal sapients (11D)

  2. Virgo supercluster sapients (7D)iving inside /or on a dwarf planet)(3D)

  3. Milky galaxy sapients (6D)

  4. Floater sapients (5D)

  5. Silicon based sapients (4D)

  6. Carbon based sapients (3D)

  7. Dwarp sapients (Sapients living inside /or on a dwarf planet)(3D)

  1. We, Earthlings, are now at level 6, carbon based sapients. 

  2. If we are not competent, we may be downgraded to Dwarp sapients, which lives a safer but less enjoyable life inside or on a dwarf planet. Also, it is further from the ultimate goal of becoming an Universal Sapient, which is pure consciousness. 

  3. We hope that TSE can help more people to experience more emotions, release more hormones and neurotransmitters, and, learn how to regulate the essential compounds for health and longevity. 


  1. Many earthlings are getting weaker and weaker both mentally and physically. 

  2. General health is getting worse. Mental stress, Obesity, Bad behaviours are getting rampant. Physical inactivity is also causing lots of hormonal imbalances. 

  3. More families are breaking up. 

  4. Romance is dying because of poor skills and habits. 

  5. Machine learning and artificial intelligence  are posing a bigger and bigger threat. 

  6. Uneven wealth distribution is growing by the day. 

  7. Many experiments and decisions that might jeopardise the earth are not being properly managed. For example: The nuclear bomb in 1972 that was 100 times the bomb on Nagasaki. There were talks about bombing the moon and if the moon was destroyed, earth will spin at a speed that is not conducive for carbon based life and we all will die. The anti-matter experiments by CERN. SETI sending messages out into the universe. Quantum theory’s observer effect on dark matter. 

  8. Potential comet death. 

  9. Potential virus death. 

  10. Climate change, climate crisis. 

  11. Excessive racism and nationalism. 

  12. Potential alien invasion. 

  13. Moreover, even if earth is our cradle, we should not forever be in the cradle. We have to find a way for our descendants to leave earth and live elsewhere. 


  1. The Makers want to see earthlings solve their own problems. They don’t care how we do it as long as the Makers don’t have to invoke their powers to babysit us. 

  2. To address the array of complex situations and risks mentioned above, we first need to organise an effective force to lead the rest of the world. 

  3. The current systems of governance and the ill-will amongst the different governments will make it impossible to produce the necessary world leadership. 

  4. Given the urgency of the situation, we have taken the liberty to initiate a system to create the leaders. 

  5. While our game, The Superhero Executive, attracts and trains potential agents, our community, The Superhero Executive Legion, rewards and ‘bestow’ leadership positions to outstanding agents. 

  6. Our Legion will start trying to make individual earthlings healthier, fitter, live longer, happier, smarter, more loving, more romantic & attractive, and more productive. If necessary, the Legion will also unite all earthlings against hostile aliens. 

  7. Changes or additional objectives may be established after more senior ranked agents take up their positions with us and when the team is capable of doing more. 

  8. Members will be given financial and authority related power as incentives to contribute more ideas and efforts. 

  9. At the junior ranks, training will be focused on improving your own life. 

  10. At mid ranks, training will be focused on helping others. 

  11. At the senior ranks, training will be focused on recruiting, training trainers, rewarding and punishing issues. 

  12. During the training, you will be given opportunities to do real world stuff as well as simulated stuff. 


  1.  The most junior rank is just being a basic being, aka Ordinary Sapient. These are players of the game but not yet members of the Legion. 

  2. The other 8 ranks are secret agents who belonged to The Superhero Executive Legion (TSEL).

  3. Any Ordinary Sapients who is enlightened enough can apply to become a Special Agent. 

  4. After that, they can start getting promoted to higher ranks. 


RANKING (We could have invented some meaningless words or used other languages but decided to stick to simple military terminology.)

  1. Field Marshal (only one member can hold this rank at any one time, if any). 

  2. General 

  3. Brigadier General 

  4. Major

  5. Captain 

  6. Lieutenant 

  7. Warrant Officer 

  8. Special Agent

  9. Ordinary Sapients of the general world (gamer of TSE but not a member of TSEL)



  1. The aliens are aware of the existence of the Legion. 

  2. Some of them will infiltrate it to find out how we are doing. 

  3. Some will join us just for the fun of competing with earthlings. 

  4. But there are those that are planning to invade earth or bully earthlings. They may not wish to see the Legion grow. They will post themselves as earthlings and compete with us to be leaders in the Legion. They will want to kick out the high potential earthlings and they might even try to control the Legion for their own use. 

  5. Thus, you as a secret agent from earth, must try to outwit and outshine aliens as well as other earthlings. 

A conclusion for those who need/ prefer a summary or conclusion to their game’s background story: 

  1. The Superhero Executive is a game that takes you deep into life.  

  2. The Superhero Executive is really meant to be a device for you to escape into a ‘parallel universeto learn and experience more stuff. 

  3. The Superhero Executive has a real life Legion out there called TSEL. We are committed to improving the lives of earthlings and we are serious about uniting the world against evil organisations and any possible alien invasions. 

  4. The Superhero Executive will give a part of our revenue to Legion members every month and help members grow

  5. Our motto:Harness your inner chemistry and connections in the society in order to better access the power of your consciousness.  

  6. Our mantra: Remember that you are consciousness. Consciousness is infinite, eternal and powerful. 


So, whatever pain that is bothering you right now is just like a storm 30m high in an ocean that is 10,000m deep.

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