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How to play "The Superhero Executive"

The game in brief: How to grow from a commoner to an attractive CEO with a hint of dark side.

Winning greatly depends on the Hero Points you earned. 

A. Start by getting more energy, skills and wealth. 
Skills and wealth are earned by learning stuff from the various aspects. 
Energy is earned in 2 steps.

(i) Capturing animals in the hills and lakes terrains.

(ii) Going to Menu / Animals to convert that particular type of animals into energy. 

B. Use your wealth to invest in assets.

Your assets will help protect you against enemies and prepare yourself to attack others (alongside the skills you have).

Smart investors can also increase their wealth by trading in assets.


C. Choose a province to be your base on the world map. 

D. Accumulate Hero Points by attacking other provinces or by successfully defending against them. 

E. The top 10 players with the highest Hero Points competes for the S$100 prize in the Final Stage.

How the game starts &
How to get energy?

  1. You will start the game at the Main Hunting Ground. Use this location to hunt, get your horse and also to move to 10 other hunting grounds. 

  2. Try to capture as many animals/ poachers/ treasure chests as you can. 

  3. You will need the energy from the captures for your learning and your physical fighting power. You can convert the captures into energy by using the Animal Tab in the game. 

How to improve your skills & wealth?

(so as to improve your attack & defence quotients) 

  1.  There are different quotients for physical fights, romantic seductions and career sabotages. These quotients consist of skill points as well as asset points. 

  2. To get skill and wealth points, go upgrade the aspects linked to the respective hunting grounds. It is good to start with the SoulBrain Hunting Ground. 

  3. When you upgraded an aspect, it could mean: A. You become stronger in certain attacking or defending quotients. B. You unlock opportunities to upgrade other aspects. 

  4. In order to upgrade an aspect, you need to read a short note and then answer a multiple choice question correctly. 

  5. All the questions are divided into 65 aspects, distributed amongst these 10 hunting grounds. The first hunting ground that you started at, the Main Hunting Ground, has no aspects for you upgrade. The Main Hunting Ground only serves as the central link to all other hunting grounds and also the link to the World Map. That is, you can only go to different hunting grounds through the Main Hunting Ground. Also, you can’t get to the World Map when you are in any other hunting grounds except for the Main Hunting Ground. 

  6. These aspects are interlinked. Eg. You need certain levels of communication, EQ, intimacy skills before attempting higher courtship levels. 

  7. These aspects are interlinked. Eg. You need certain levels of computing, marketing, leadership before attempting higher career levels. 

  8. These aspects are interlinked. Eg. You need certain levels of organisation, career, investing skills for higher levels of wealth levels. 

How to use your wealth to invest in assets?

(so as to improve your attack and defence quotients)

  1. There are different quotients for physical fights, romantic seductions and career sabotages. These quotients consist of skill points as well as asset points. 

  2. You can get asset points by buying assets with your wealth. 

  3. To buy or sell Assets, tap the Menu button, then the Show Asset button, then the grey Select Asset button to show all the 24 Assets. In most phones, you will need to scroll up and down to see all the 24 Assets. 

  4. Next, tap on the Asset you want to buy or sell. 

  5. As of now, Quantity is the number of the Asset you have Quantity Available is the quantity available in the market for every to buy. 

  6. As of now, you can only buy or sell in single quantity. 

  7. Wealth can be also be used to attack & defend directly: Business sabotage & corporate takeover (after beta). 

  8.  Or, you can use wealth very indirectly: Pay others to spy, fight, seduce, kidnap, rob on your behalf. You can even set up a big spying or fighting network with wealth or simply by negotiation and threats!

  9. In many ways, this game has “no rules until you get caught”. So you might want to cheat, make fake promises and claims, spread rumours, etc. After all, ALL IS FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR. 

  10. Admin seldom steps in to do ‘enforcement’. But on the occasions that we do, cheaters will be punished. 

  11.  Most of the Asset prices are tagged to real world prices or the brand we chose for that asset class. 

  12.  For example, we may use the daily share price of BMW to tag the Asset- cars. 

  13. So this game can give you a feel of real-life trading as the “wealth” you use to trade is a limited and strategic instrument. 

  14. The ‘best’ asset to invest in depends on real world events and other players’ game plan. It is not fixed. For example, if the Russia-Ukraine conflict ended, the price of guns may drop. 

How to get a base for attack and defence by buying a home in a province:

  1. Tap on the Menu button when you are in the Main Hunting Ground. 

  2. Tap on the To World button. 

  3. Repeat: The To World button is only available on the Main Hunting Ground. 

  4. Search for the province that you want to buy and set up your base in. 

  5. In case the province that you want is very small in the real world,  A. Use your fingers to zoom in as much as possible of the map location. B. Tap on the screen as near to your target as you can. C. In the bottom left corner of your screen, you will see a ‘suggested’ province appear above the Your Province button. D. Tap on the ‘suggested’ province. E. The system will zoom in even nearer. F. Next, click on the ‘x’ to remove the Province Information. G. Now you should be able to tap on the province you want easily. H. As of this writing, there are still certain provinces in the world that are really too small or too closely located together.(For example London, Westminster, etc). Please try to avoid those provinces until we solved this issue! Sorry about it!!​)

  6. The system will deduct your wealth accordingly once you confirm the purchase. 

  7. After you purchased a province, no matter where you are on the World Map, tapping on Your Province will zoom you back to your home. 

  8. Whenever the details of another province show up, you can also choose to attack it in different ways. 

  9. Whenever the details of your own province show up, you can also see the points in all your 6 quotients. 

How to earn Hero Points by attacking other provinces or by successfully defending against them:

  1. Tap on the World Map button on the main screen. 

  2. Search for the province that you want to attack. 

  3. Choose 1 of the 3 methods of attacks. 

  4. Confirm the attack. 

  5. Admin will send you a message when your attack landed and inform you of the outcome. 

  6. Whenever you have a successful attack or defence, you will earn Hero Points. 

*How the ultimate winner in a game is determined: 

There are 2 types of games: 
   1.    Beta games without official alliances. 
   2.    Post-beta games with official alliances. 

For both types, when you start to play, you are in a solo player mode. No one can attack you. And you can’t attack others. 

Beta games without alliances:
   1.    There are 2 stages to winning the prize. You need to win both stages to win the S$100. 
   2.    When you think you are ready to challenge others in the world (go into a Player vs Player mode), you start by buying a home in a province anywhere in the world. 
   3.    From then on, you can attack others and other players can attack you. 
   4.    Near the end of Stage 1, Admin will notify you that the word is ending. 
   5.    There will be a total of 3 notifications. 
   6.    In Stage 1, players will be rated based on their total Hero Points. The top 10 players will be shortlisted to go into Stage 2. 
   7.    Stage 1 will end when between 49% to 100% of all the world’s provinces are inhabited. The exact timing of the end of Stage 1 is determined by Admin. 
   8.    Stage 2 starts immediately after Stage 1 ended. All points earned during Stage 1 will not be counted anymore. Everyone of the 10 shortlisted players will starts afresh. 
   9.    In Stage 2, the players will hunt for animals and poachers. The one with the second highest score wins the prize. 
   10.    Note: It is the 2nd highest score and not the highest score that wins. 
   11.    Stage 2, the Final Stage, will end in 7 days (168 hours) after it started. 


Post-beta games with official alliances. 

    1.    Every alliance can have up to 100 members. But when Admin ends the game, we will only look at the alliances with between 5 to 20 members. We want to honour the biggest alliance in terms of Total Hero Points within this bracket. 
   2.    Players can join an alliance only after they bought a home and gone into multi player mode. 
   3.    Buy a home/ province anywhere in the world but try to be near your alliance members. Distance matters when you need help.
   4.    On the other hand, the winning alliance must have members from at least 4 different continents of the world.  
   5.    If you want to be your alliance’s CEO, be sure that you can lead well. The CEO may be expected to guide group directions and operations. 
   6.    Ordinary members pays 10% of their wealth every week for the CEO’s leadership. Thus, the CEO is expected to help team members under attack. 
   7.    Voting for CEO happens every week. Thus, you may need to rally for support within your own alliance. 
   8.    There are also 2 stages to winning the game. You need to win both stages to win the S$300 prize. 
   9.    Stage 1 will end when between 49% to 100% of all the world’s provinces are inhabited. 
   10.    The alliance with the most Total Hero Points will win Stage 1 but only alliances with between 5-20 members (from at least 4 continents) qualify. 
   11.    Admin will give 3 warnings near the end of Stage 1. CEOs might need to add/ remove members in order to qualify their alliance. 
   12.    Stage 2 starts immediately after Stage 1 ended - for the members of the winning alliance. 
   13.    In Stage 2, the Final Stage, the ordinary members will try to guess the 8-digit secret code of their CEO within 24 hours of Stage 1 ending. 
   14.    This secret code is determined between every new CEO and Admin every time a new CEO is appointed. 
   15.    Each member is allowed one question to Admin. After that, they can trade / discuss among themselves before making their single guess. 
   16.    If no one made the correct guess within 24 hours, the prize money goes to the CEO.

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