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Who are we & how do we share profit

We are a social enterprise from Singapore. Our goal is 2-pronged.

One: To share important life tips so that more people can enjoy a better life. Books, videos or podcasts may be good but they don't attract enough people. A fun game can!

Two: To share wealth. In order to ensure that the information we disseminate in the game is useful and correct, we will pay up to 22% of our net income to volunteers. Anyone can volunteer. More helpful volunteers will get a bigger share. The top volunteer will get 4% of our annual net income. Volunteers don't have to invest or buy anything. Our Board, fondly known as the BOSS (Board of Supreme Superheroes), will vote on rank promotions, game development and research grants. Up to 6% of our net income will go to research or other social enterprises.


Volunteers who want to earn a bigger share can make some purchases and get to share another 22% of our annual profit as our Supporter.


In total, we will be giving back 50% to the society.

Why our game is fun to play and can hold attention:

Most strategy games today are not yet really strategy centric. Most winners of those games depend on fast fingers and not strategies. Ours is different.

Although players still need to move fast to capture (& not be hurt by) animals for power and also to travel fast to different hunting grounds to answer questions correctly, they can win only if they have a strategy that best takes advantage of other players’ strategies:

Their choice of province (home base) location in relation to others is important because that determines how fast they can attack or help targeted players.

Their choice of industry is important because a wrong choice can mean that they will have to stay on-guard for sabotage frequently or, lose the benefits of their favourite attack/defence method.

The leadership of their alliance CEO is important. Players can change alliances and thus, the CEO need to detect spies and promote teamwork.

Their choice of skill upgrades is important because it affects how well they attack and defend in different ways.

Same for the choice of assets they invest in. Buy too many guns, and they might be easily seduced (lose half your wealth!) or have  their career/business attacked. Everything in this game, just as real life, needs to be well balanced - in relationship to other players.

Those who spent too much money buying assets and left themselves cash tight - they cannot use wealth to sabotage businesses and can’t use wealth to defend themselves against corporate takeovers, which is the most damaging attack in the game. However, if they don’t buy enough assets, chances are that their attack and defence quotients will be weak.

All in all, this is a very sophisticated and realistic game for learning about life.

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