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  1. There are 24 different types of assets in this game. Each of them can help improve the power individual attack or defence power of one quotient. 

  2. Trading in assets can either earn you wealth or cost you to lose wealth. 

  3. The prices of assets are determined either by real world prices and / or by the demand and supply in game. 

  4. There are 6 types of attack and defence quotients. 

  5. Each of these quotients have 4 types of assets that can add value to. 

  6. So, you have to decide how you want to attack and how you think your enemies may want to attack you. Then use your wealth carefully on these 24 assets. 

  7. Note that if you buy and sell the same asset almost immediately, there is a good chance that prices haven’t moved and you will lose out because of the difference in selling and buying prices. 

  8. We will try to update the prices of the assets as often as we can. Stock Market (using Dow Jones), Gold Bar (using the Loco London Gold Price), and Commodities (using coffee bean prices from Yahoo). 

  9. The prices of assets may also be affected by in game demand and supply.  


  1. Guns. Smith & Wesson. 

  2. Bow and Arrow. Escalade Sports. 

  3. Hunting Net. V. F. 

  4. Car. BMW 


  1. Bullet Proof Vest. DuPont. 

  2. Defensive Maze. Game demand and supply 

  3. Medicine. Pfizer. 

  4. Farm. Coffee beans. 


  1. Commercial Building. China State Cons Ltd 

  2. Training Centre. Game demand and supply 

  3. Casino. MGM. 

  4. Stock Market. Dow Jones. 


  1. Houses. Toll Brothers. 

  2. Boats. Benetti 

  3. Airplanes. Airbus. 

  4. Art Pieces. The Superhero Executive. 


  1. Clothing. LVMH. 

  2. Gold Bars. Spot gold. 

  3. Diamond. Rio Tinto

  4. Hotel. Hilton


  1. Media Platforms. Disney. 

  2. Computer asset. IBM

  3. Pet School. Game demand and supply 

  4. Personal Tool. 3M

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