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In life, we all want better romance and career. But we need to have a few good foundations first. And the first foundation is health.... Not just the typical health that you are thinking of. 

Please don’t don’t don’t imagine that if you are living the normal life of eating, sleeping and going to work, you are ‘healthy’. 
Don’t imagine that you can live to good ripe old age without problems if you just continue to ‘blindly’ live your routine of waking up, going to work, come home, sleep, and repeat the cycle. 
There are certain things that you have to know and you have to do!
The health that we are referring to over here covers a lot more than the ‘normal’. And this is backed by the latest research by top scientists: 

Our aims:

  1. Delay aging. Nope. We are not just asking you to stay alive with a sickly type of health and watch the world go by. We want you to maintain an active lifestyle and yet live till a ripe old age. 

  2. Delay your systems from being choked with the wrong deposits: So that you don’t suffer too much or suffer too many surgeries. 

  3. Delay weakness. So that you can still play! 

  4. Remove obesity. So that you can live without the fats that disturb your looks, performance and health. We are not fat shaming. We are just concerned that very few obese people are healthy. 

  5. Promote power. So that you can play better. 

  6. Promote romance. So that you can enjoy more love. 

  7. Promote fun!

Overall, we can divide our efforts into living a better life into 2 primary aspects :
   1.    How to keep our life force (body) tip top. 
   2.    How to enjoy your life force (interactions with the rest of the world) better. 


We have to learn what our life force constitutes and how to strengthen each part of it. 


We can divide our efforts into the following: 

  1. How to focus better 

  2. Where to focus

  3. How to learn better 

  4. What to learn

  5. How to do better in relationships. 

  6. How to do better in career. 

  7. How to invest better. 

For Example: 
For our bodies to do well at a cellular level, we need the neurotransmitters and hormones to send the best and most balanced instructions (chemical, electrical or mechanical signals) inside our bodies. 

That is, we need good signals! 

If you want to have a more youthful and attractive body, you need to have more of the compound AMPK, less mTOR, more active Sirtuins, better quality of microbiome and mitochondrial, be more sensitive to insulin. For example: AMPK. AMPK can trigger your longevity genes, the sirtuins, and keep your body stronger and skin younger. 

To produce more AMPK, you need more AMP and ADP molecules. 

To have more AMP and ADP, you need to eat less and/ or exercise intensely for short periods so as to provide opportunities for your ATP to be reduced to ADP and AMP. You can also stress your body more in terms of exercise or temperature. 

Thus, to get the signal to become younger, you first need to decide what you want and then follow through with the decision. 

But how do you change your habit of eating to your fill and change your habit of having two or more meals every day to one meal a day? (Very often but not everyday). 

First, you need knowledge. Not just normal knowledge. But powerful, convincing and good knowledge. 

Second, you need to get good and/ or constant assistance. For example: You have a buddy to go the changing journey together.  Or you have an extremely painful contract signed to ensure you follow through. Or you have an environment that makes it possible for you to follow through easily. 

Opposite of that: If you have an environment where everyone is laughing at your decision or tempting you to eat as much as possible, then it will be tough. 

Of course, one good way is for you to play our game: The Superhero Executive. We will provide you with lots of encouragement and reminders. 


One important thing people should know is that the law of diminishing returns applies to health too. That is, we cannot rely on one or two things we do health-wise, neglect everything else, and expect good health. We need to pay attention to all the pillars of health:

The pillars of good health: 

  1. Mindset. 

  2. Heart Brain Coherence. 

  3. Breathing. 

  4. Humming and tone. 

  5. Meditating. 

  6. Sleeping. 

  7. Exercising. 

  8. Playing 

  9. Movement 

  10. Microbiome and mitochondria 

  11. Diet. 

  12. Cortisol. 

  13. Circadian. 

  14. God. Universe. 

  15. Learning. (Keep learning important stuff and not just those that interest you. For example, I think no need to follow the sports scene closely or who married who in Hollywood.) Instead, keep yourself updated on sports and health research. Learning will definitely improve the various systems in your brain and body. Knowledge should be used as a springboard and not end goal. Try to systematically create something with everything you learned. 

  16. Posture x 3 (movement, resting and development) 

  17. Facial expressions 

  18. Discard self discipline and turn everything fun. 

  19. Habit Regulation x 6. Involuntary actions. Thoughts. Complex actions ( x2 because of being from the LockBrain and BioBrain). 

  20. Learning from teaching. Children training. 

  21. Purpose. 

  22. Letting go. 

  23. Overcoming illnesses and pain with physiology. 

  24. Relationships. Including those that can release oxytocin. 

  25. Glucose management and insulin control. 

  26. Dopamine. Learn about it, how to observe it and how to produce it in the right pathway. 

  27.  The Superhero Executive - our game. 


This is at the top of the list for a reason. Having the right mindset about life, death and goals can do wonders just by itself. 
Mindsets can be of 2 qualities: A general mindset and a mindset that is so intense that it can move mountains in your life. 

If you have a very strong and determined idea or motivation about something, systems inside and outside your body might just begin to work to create it. 

There are numerous examples on this. Let’s look at some instances below:

  1. In 1969, Bruce Lee severely injured his back. Doctors told him that he could never practice martial arts again and may never walk again. But Bruce believed he will recover and went on to be one of the greatest fighter / movie star. 

  2. Dr. Aila Crum found 84 hotel housekeepers from 7 hotels. Most of them didn’t really know that they were getting lots of exercise. Dr. Crum showed some of them a 15 minute presentation on how their work actually gave them lots of exercise. After 4 weeks, when measured again, those who saw the presentation lost weight, improve blood pressure, etc. 

Please ensure that your mindset helps you in life and not hold you back from what you want!

Your mindset can also be vaguely described as “your beliefs”. Mainly, it is the belief of who you are and how the society is being perceived by you. And this had been misleading for a while now. The gurus of the 1980s and 1990s like to talk about identities. However, we should note that in a way, we have multiple identities. 

We want to be superheroes. But only in the right place and time. For example, if you just kept thinking that you are a superhero when you had made a serious mistake and someone else is reprimanding you, you are going to create a bigger problem.


So yes, we are superheroes. But we need to be superheroes that are able and willing to adjust accordingly to circumstances. And remember that even a superhero needs to keep learning. 

As Jay Shetty said: I am not what I think I am. I am also not what you think I am. I am actually what I think you think I am. That is my identity when I’m with you. 

But of course, you may need to try change this identity whenever it is not working well for you. 

For example: If the police in front of you thinks you looked like a dangerous criminal, you better try to change his thoughts!

For example: If you are teaching your subordinates something and you think they think you are not good enough, you better do something to change their minds! 

The biggest and most powerful thing you can use your mindset is to link it to your consciousness/ spirit/ soul. That’s when you have half in the world as a body and half as consciousness. Your body is restricted by time space but your mind is not. People who had been dead for a while and came back: experienced the mighty power of the consciousness without the bodily time-space constraints. 

Of course we don’t need to die to experience it. Just know that we have this amazing power and try to make use of it. Imagine the miracles that we can enjoy. 

How to prepare yourself for a stronger mindset:

  1. Try to understand ‘mindset’ deeply by learning / reading more about it. 

  2. Silent your mind to feel it. 

  3. Look around the environment to link yourself to the world energy, universal energy. 

  4. Be confident about using it. 

  5. Have a posture that radiates the confidence. 

  6. Try using it! Have a mindset that you are all powerful. Next, have a mindset that you can help make the world a better place. Look and act the part whenever possible. Have character. Be creative. Be charitable. Be charismatic. Have integrity. 

  7. Or, choose your own mindset. 

  8. Practise Heart Brain Coherence often. 

When to use it:

  1. When you are ill. 

  2. When you are very ill. 

  3. When you had eaten too much. 

  4. When you were given poison. 

  5. When you are fearful. 

  6. When you are tired. 

  7. When you are fainting. 

  8. When you are dying. 

  9. When you need to be stronger. 

  10. When you need to heal or help others. 

  11. Whenever you remember it. :)

How to use it:

  1. Take a slow deep breath. 

  2. Breathe out slowly. 

  3. Look at the world intently. 

  4. Smile

  5. Blink left eye tightly. 

  6. Then blink right eye tightly. 

  7. Make a silly face. 

  8. Take another deep breath. 

  9. See inside your mind. 

  10. See the part of you that is ill (if any). 

  11. See the part of you that you want to improve or that of another person. 

  12. Breathe power into the part that needs improvement. 

  13. Imagine the power of your consciousness clearing the problems and strengthening the body. 

  14. The ancient world taught us that Qi (energy and not breath) goes to where your concentration is. 


HBC is so important that we nearly put it as the top pillar. 

The reason:

  1. Mindset is the most powerful way a person can up regulate health. 

  2. But most people are not able to control themselves often enough nor powerful enough. 

  3. With lots of HBC, people can enjoy more than health. They can also make better decisions, become more patient and creative. This means that life as a whole can improve tremendously with good HBC. 

Let’s explain how good life and good decisions and good health can be achieved before explaining HBC. 

  1. Good results come from good actions, smart actions, lucky actions and positive actions. 

  2. Before the action, we usually have thoughts or reflexes. 

  3.  To have good thoughts or reflexes, we need good feelings. 

  4. Good feelings are interpreted from emotions, both good or ‘bad’. For example, hunger. Hunger is usually regarded as a bad emotion. The body is telling you that you need food. Sometimes, the hunger can be so intense that you feel that you must have food immediately. Now. But bad emotions can be interpreted into a good feeling. In the example above, you can be hungry but yet be feeling happy because you know that because the ghrelin hormones are firing, you are generating AMP from ATP and that is good for health and longevity. 

  5. Emotions are the strong signals from our physiology. Our body, our physiology gives us non stop signals. Those that are picked up by the brain are the emotions. 

  6. Physiology is the total actions and inactions of our cells and systems. 

Thus, we need to have effective cell and system performance before we can get good emotions. We need to be clear and intelligent in order to interpret the emotions into smart feelings and then act on them. 

What is HBC? 
Heart brain coherence is about having the heart and brain working together to create great outcomes in our physiology, emotions, feelings, thoughts and behaviour. 

When we have great coherence, our cells and systems are performing at their level best. This also means we can have smart thoughts and reflexes to perform well. 

There are 2 ways to get this coherence. Maybe we should combine both, although that is a paradox. But maybe in theta or gamma brainwaves, it is possible. 


  1. Experts now believe that our heart has 40,000 cells that behave just like brain cells (neurons). So, they see the heart and our brain as one system. (This is not too surprising. Octopus has 2/3 of their total neurons outside their brains). 

  2. The way to connect the heart and brain connect is through the diaphragm / phrenic nerves. The only way we can connect to our phrenic nerves is through the diaphragm. 

  3. Diaphragm, of course, has got to do with breathing. 

  4. When we breathe out, our heart beats a bit slower. When we breathe in, our heart beats a bit faster. All this is recognised by the brain through the phrenic nerves, which are affected by the diaphragm. 

  5. Get slow, even, deep, and most importantly, rhythmic breathing. With multiple rhythmic breathing, we can have good Heart Rate Variability. 


  1. Feelings are the language of the heart. Thoughts are language of the brain. 

  2. So, the experts believe that if we think in a certain direction, and then get ourselves to maintain a elevated state of emotion, we are getting heart brain coherence. 

  3. For example: When we think loving thoughts and gratitude, our HRV becomes much healthier and less erratic. 


The above is a paradox because we have to be able to feel good emotions as well as not think about anything except the breath! 


  1. Breath is life. This is the first thing we do and the last thing we do when we came to and leave the world. 

  2. You can do well in eating the right food and drinking the right amount of water, but if you are short on oxygen, you will not do that well. 

  3. Of course, too much oxygen is bad for your body. But we are not talking about artificial oxygen tanks or concentrators here. We are referring to the oxygen you can get from the natural air. 

Things to note about breathing: 

  1. We know that it is much better to breathe through our nose than the mouth. There is a 20% extra oxygen intake if we breathe in through the nose. The reason is that the air will go through a narrow nasal cavity where it can be warmed, moisturise, filtered, etc.

  2. However, most of us open our mouths when we sleep. Thus, 1/3 of our lives, about 8 hours everyday, we are short changing ourselves 20% oxygen.     

  3. There are quite a few ways to fix this issue. According to Dr. Patrick McKeown, the best way is to simply put a short (masking or medical) tape on the lips before you sleep. This is to help you to keep your mouth closed.     

  4. It is good to remember that whenever we breathe in, our heartbeat quickens. Whenever we breathe out, our heartbeat slows.     

  5. Thus, when you are tired and need more energy, try to breathe in with a longer breath. Whenever you are stressed or frightened or want to go to sleep, try to breathe out with a longer breath.     

  6. Also, remember that your lungs has more blood capillaries at the bottom. Air can only reach the bottom of the lungs when we breathe deep. Nature wants us to take deep slow breaths! Do it.     

  7. One way make the air you breathe go even deeper down is to lower your diaphragm each time you inhaled. That is, try to expand your tummy. When you exhale, tuck in your stomach. 


This is actually also closely related to breathing. But it’s so important that we have separated it as another pillar. 

  1. Humming is also called non-silent breathing by some researchers. 

  2. When we breathe out through the nose, we can make a humming sound with the nasal cavity. 

  3. Humming is proven to greatly increase the  nitric oxide of our body. 

  4. Nitric oxide has many roles in our bodies. The 2 roles we would like to highlight are: It is our body’s first line of defence against viruses and bacteria. And, it is a good way to dilate the blood vessels. When blood vessels are dilated, it stays younger and can transport more oxygen and nutrients to our organs. 

  5. The ancient Chinese believe that when we make humming sounds in different tones, we are protecting and healing different organs. “The 5 sounds heals the 5 internal organs”. 

  6. When we make loud noises when humming, we can release stress and unhappiness. We can feel better after doing that. Try it!


Meditation is also very close to ‘conscious breathing’. In fact, many people mistake conscious breathing as meditation. However, if you go deeper, conscious breathing is usually just a prelude to meditation. 

There are lots of training and teaching on meditation online. We won’t dabble in that here. We just want to point out that:

  1. Many top performers in business and science meditate. So we better not ‘lose out’. If successful people are doing it, it cannot be a waste of time. :)

  2. There is no need to go for a standard lotus posture. There is no need for any posture. Just do it. 

  3. There is no time requirement. You don’t have to do it for at least 20 minutes in order to get some benefit. Even a few moments can help. Of course, for the common folks, the longer you can meditate, the better. 

  4. There is no need to stay on top of a mountain to meditate a few years. Enjoy your normal life and just add meditation. 


Do we really need to sleep? Some people like to boast that they can sleep when they are dead. But they are missing the point. 
Just like the lumberjack who needs to sharpen his saw, we need to replenish our power. Sleep does that. 

There are 2 phases of sleep:

  1. Deep sleep: It repairs the body. 

  2. Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep: It repairs the mind, the experience of the day. REM sleep will dilute the pain or shock of any traumas but yet keep the lesson so that you don’t get hurt the same way again. REM sleep can also help to deepen the memories of anything that you were trying to learn or study that day. 

Please have at least 7.5 hours of sleep. And it is not a shame if you need 9 hours. :)


Exercise is not just for those who want to perform well in sports. 

Exercise makes your brains active and ready to learn things or perform well at work. Ever wondered why there are so many school sports aces that also do well in their studies? Because of the power of exercise, they need fewer hours to adsorb the lessons into their long term memory!

It may also be true that when they are serious in sports, they have the opportunity to regulate their breathing often and they ‘accidentally’ enjoyed lots of Heart Brain Coherence. 

In the study of longevity, some scientists believe that the possession of strong muscles is more important that youthfulness because if you are weak physically, many things can kill you. 

Muscles also burn sugar faster and that is also important for health. 

Exercise should be fun. The latest research shows that people should feel even more energetic after the exercise and not feel drained by it. If you feel drained, the exercise was excessive. 

Also, people should not feel sore for more than one day after the exercise. This is to ensure the effects of both Healing and Adaptation. If too there is too much sore, it seems that you are going to be doing too much healing and not enough adaptation. 


Play is something that we do to entertain ourselves. But both physical and mental play keeps us alert, release hormones that keep us happier and stronger. 

Play is one of the best way to learn. And it is no coincidence that our project to help the world starts with this game!


So we need to exercise and we need to play. But we also need to have a big variety of movement in order to live well. Example: Looking up often. Lifting hands up. Standing on one leg. Turning the head and eyes left and right. Making faces and twitching faces. 


We need to feed them. We need to have a vast variety of the useful ones. We need to protect the good ones by not taking away their lives and feeding them right! Don’t carelessly take medication. If breathing correctly can help, why take drugs? 


We have all heard this saying: We are what we eat. This is so true. But additionally, we are all a better version of ourselves when we don’t eat too much. 

You can imagine how our ancestors lived hundreds of thousands of years before starting to grow crops. During those days when they had to fight with sticks and stones, it was dangerous to go out all the time to hunt or gather food. They probably eat only once a day or even twice a week! Our DNA don’t change very fast. These few thousand of civilisation years are a relatively much shorter period. So we have been generally overeating and weakening ourselves. 

The recent researches on longevity by the greats like Dr. David Sinclair, have proven how all animals can have a 30% increase in health span and life span if they eat 40% less. 

The trick is not to eat less every meal. The correct way is to have fewer meals so that your system felt that it is facing some crisis and activate the longevity and self repair mechanisms. As Dr. Andrew Huberman puts it: It is far more difficult to eat less during a meal than to skip the meal altogether. 


Well, we have heard so much about the importance of reducing stress and how stress can kill us. However, we must also be aware that too little or having no stress in our lives is not good either. 

First of all, let’s understand that there are 2 x 2 types of stresses. 

  1. Short mental stress 

  2. Long mental stress 

  3. Short physical stress 

  4. Long physical stress 

Long physical stress is usually not too heavy or violent. If not, we will die. When it is light, we call it endurance training. 

Short physical stress is sometimes known as High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) when the load is high. If the load is light, and the stress is short, then it is only for the sick or when you are doing warm ups. :p

Long mental stress is the deadly one. It can be cancer causing. It can cause you to lose your hair and your health. Be alert to this kind of stress and avoid it!!

Short mental stress is the one we are talking about here. True, our body may excrete cortisol and adrenaline because of it. But it is good to have some. By the way, everyone has a higher level of cortisol and adrenaline in the waking hours than when nearer the sleeping hours. These are excreted so that we are motivated to get out of bed and go do some work. :)

If you have heard of the scientific mice experiment called Universe 25, you know what we mean: Scientists built a big and safe haven large enough for 4,000 mice. They chose 8 healthy mice and then let them enjoy their new haven. The 4 males and 4 females had all the space they need, all the food they wanted and they were protected from predators. The population of the mice multiplied and the scientists kept giving all the food the mice need. But one day, when the population of the mice reached 2,200, all the mice died. They were either killing one another or killing themselves. They either stop mating or starting eating their babies. The reason: Having no stress can be ‘stressful’ too!


Circadian rhythms are physical, mental, and behavioral changes that follow a cycle. This is about 24 to 25 hours a cycle. This process respond primarily to light and dark and affect most lives. The earth has a 24 hour rotation cycle. Earthlings have a 25 hour cycle. (Maybe we are really from another planet? Haha). 

What we need to know about this cycle is that when we have the same waking and sleeping hours, we will be better off. 

To be better at influencing our sleeping and waking hours, scientists recommend that go into the open for 20 minutes to enjoy the sun rays - both during morning and evening. 

The morning rays will help set the circadian rhythm going at the start of the day and also when we should be sleepy. 

The evening rays will help the body to judge when sleep should come and also when to wake up tomorrow. 


Of course our game is not about religion. But it is worthwhile to note that if we believe in God and that our prayers can be answered, we will be more confident and happy in life. 

On that note, we want to alert you that the old school of prayers is wrong:

  1. You should not be asking for God to give you this or that. 

  2. ou should be thankful to God for guiding you or for having you on your journey to achievement. 


  1. When you ask or beg for something, your brainwaves are sending the signals that you don’t have that something (that’s why you need it). You won’t be able to attract that something into your life. 

  2. When you are thankful for something and believe that you are on your way to achieving it, you are sending signals that rhymes with that something. This make it much easier that things to happen. 

  3. Now you may say: But I’m talking to God. I’m not going to need the correct vibrations. Our answer to you is: Are you sure? Are you sure that your God don’t prefer to help someone who is positive and grateful rather than a cry-baby? 


Many aspects of our health are about regulating hormones. Even when we want to build better bones or have better skin and organs, they are also related to hormones. In order to have the know how, we first need to learn!


  1. Learning keeps the mind active. 

  2. When you learn life enhancing stuff, your life gets enhanced. 

  3. When you learn hormones regulating stuff, you suffer less limbic friction, etc. 


  1. If you learn from Andy Galpin how to train differently for speed vs strength vs muscle size, you may have better results. 

  2. If you learn how to use breathing to control your heart rate, you can sleep better and perform better in life, and in my case, I even stopped the heart palpitations that had disturbed me for 6 years and had cost me thousands of dollars. 

  3. Think…. If you learned how your behaviour can help you stay healthy and young….

  4. Think…. If you learn how your posture can change your life directly and indirectly….

  5. If you learn more about the meridians and acupressure points, you can have lesser issues with backache and bad skin, etc. 

  6. If you know how to drive smoothly…

  7. If you know how to persuade, you can get better deals from others. 

  8. If you know how to motivate your staff, you get a better team. 


Learn how to regulate hormones, especially dopamine. Then you will face lesser limbic friction, less cravings and can perform better. 


  1. Regulate your adenosine to avoid being unable to sleep. 

  2. Regulate your acetylcholine to be able to learn faster.

  3. Regulate your dopamine to motivate yourself towards useful habits and actions. 


The 3 points we need to discuss about postures. 

  1. Health. 

  2. How you appear. 

  3. Extended time. 


Your posture affects your health. Example: Standing straight can get more oxygen into your body. How you move can determine the amount of oxygen you absorb. 


This can affect how others treat you and believe you. Can lead to depression or confidence. 


Staying in the same posture for prolonged period is bad. Examples: Sitting, standing, sleeping. 


  1. Involuntary actions

  2. Thoughts 

  3. Complex actions 

The are 3 pairs of habits types. The3 bad habits to break and therefore 3 types of good habits to form. Total is 6. 

First type: Involuntary actions. 
Bad examples: Touching your eyes. Scratching. Looking down. Looking sad, weak or fearful. Shallow breaths. 
Good examples:  Keeping your head up. Keeping your ear lopes furthest from your shoulders. Deep breathing. 

Second type: Thoughts. (Emotional posture)
Bad examples: Chatter. Worrying. Fearful. How to bully others. 
Good examples: How to be stronger. Self confidence. How to help others. Counting your blessings. 
Our physical posture is the way we hold our body whenever we are not doing anything much. Our emotional posture is the state that our mind go into whenever we are not occupied or distracted. 

Third type: Complex actions. 
Bad examples: Substance abuse. Gambling. Violence. 
Good examples: Working on your project. Learning about yourself. Learning about life. Learning about society. Learning about science. Exercise. 


  1. First, understand that most of our lives are regulated by hormones. Example:

    •    Metabolism 
   •    Homeostasis (constant internal balance), such as blood pressure, blood sugar regulation, temperature. 
   •    Growth and development.
   •    Sexual function.
   •    Reproduction.
   •    Sleep-wake cycle.
   •    Mood

    2.    Next,, understand that among all the 4 happy hormones that most people talk about; serotonin, oxytocin, endorphin and dopamine, dopamine is the only one related to anticipation and motivation. The rest are ’here and now’ hormones. 
   3.    Dopamine is the most important hormone for success in life because it is mostly about motivation and it is also the precursor of adrenaline and noradrenaline. It is also the most potent stopper of adrenaline! 
   4.    How you feel at any given moment depends on it and its system. That is, whether you feel motivated to fight the battle or feel like hurting yourself is dependent on the amount of dopamine that you have at the moment. 
   5.    How much dopamine you need before you feel good is dependent or affected by the levels in previous moments, hours or days. 
   6.   Generally, a high will lead to the low. The low will make it easier to get high. 
   7.    How the system works: 
   8.    Dopamine is continuously being secreted, partly because you need to make noradrenaline all the time too. 
   9.    Let’s just take it that 3 molecules are secreted every microsecond. 
   10.  When you have an idea or urge to do something fun or nice, dopamine secretion is increased. This can go up to 4  molecules or      10. 
   11.    Research says that hard drugs makes dopamine increase by many times more than simple pleasure like food or drinks. Cigarettes, gambling and other addictions sits in the middle. 
   12.    However, it is not just the secretion that matters. 
   13.    Secretion is quite useless unless there are dopamine receptors to receive them. 
   14.    When you secreted a lot of dopamine, your body would increase the amount of receptors. That’s how you get the full benefit. 
   15.    Thus, when you are highly motivated or anticipate a big good event coming, you secrete and accept lots of dopamine. 
   16.    The flip side, the problem is: When you had lots of dopamine, you get lots of ‘extra’ receptors produced or activated. 
   17.    When the waves of dopamine come and go (used up), you are left with plenty of dopamine receptors. Lots of hungry hungry hungry dopamine receptors. 
   18.    What this means is that you will feel a craving for something, for anything, some times that you are not even sure of. It could be that your craving is for the very things that triggered the initial dopamine secretion. But it also could be something very vague. 
   19.    So, don’t try to avoid dopamine. We can’t. They are being secreted all the time. 
   20.    But it is not good and not possible to keep increasing their numbers or levels. 
   21.    If you have no dopamine, you won’t be willing to move forward to even drink water! 
   22.    If you want to control it, don’t make the celebrations more rewarding than the pursuits. 
   23.    If possible, only reward yourself randomly and not all the time. 
   24.    If you can’t do that, surrender the power of reward and punishment to others. 
   25.    Addiction is said to be the shutting down of number of things that can trigger dopamine secretion - so much so that you only can get dopamine by doing that something you are addicted to. 
   26.    If you do lots of different things and get dopamine from lots of different ways, you will live a better life!!!

If you want to take something or have something, you need dopamine to give you the right amount of motivation. 

So, if you are not motivated, it is because you don’t have enough dopamine. Thus, geniuses have lots more dopamine than us. Same for poet and scientist alike. 

But if you have too much dopamine, you are going to produce too much dopamine receptors, you are going to have to fight your addictions. 

According to the writers of The Molecule of More, to control dopamine and crazy motivation (addiction included), we need dopamine!!! Yes. Use dopamine to control dopamine!!!


  1. People with too much dopamine are people prone to addiction. 

  2. People with strong dopamine dosages are the people who can plan ahead and control themselves well. 

According to Morgan Chan, we should establish the difference between dopamine and dopamine receptors!

Thus, we not only need to balance between dopamine and serotonin. We also need to balance the dopamine receptors and which receptors are more active in attracting the dopamine molecules!

We all have 5 different pathways that house the dopamine receptors. 

There are five pathways that accepts dopamine. The four major dopaminergic pathways are the mesolimbic pathway, the mesocortical pathway, the nigrostriatal pathway, and the tuberoinfundibular pathway. A lesser known is the pathway for eyes, on your retina.


When you have too much activity dopamine activity in your mesolimbic pathway, you are going through craving and addiction.

To save yourself:

  1. Try remembering that the cravings are just the actions of dopamine. There is nothing wrong. 

  2. Try to focus on something else. 

  3. Try not only using your brain to focus on something else but also your body. 

Generally, we want to ensure that we have enough dopamine in our mesocortical pathway. This has got to do with cognitive functions, working memory, decision making and planning. Geniuses, great people, high achievers have lots of dopamine receptors in this area. Thus, they are creative, plan well, able to get through pain in order to execute their plans….
To do that, we need to use this pathway often. So please make plans for more things. And please give yourself lots of exciting plans! 

The reason for scientists to say that we should be careful not to celebrate too much and too often: 

  1. Because rewards for wins is necessary if don’t enjoy the process. 

  2. And you worry that if you celebrate too hard, bigger rewards are going to be necessary and difficult to get bigger and bigger. 

Science shows that when we quit something that we thought we could do more of, example: continue jogging more distance, it is because of A. Heat. B. Muscles. C. Noradrenaline. 

And it is noradrenaline that is the most common reason. 

But, we can use dopamine to kick off the effects of noradrenaline. 

  1. If you don’t enjoy the process then it’s the end goal that you want. Example. Drugs. The winning poker hands. 

  2. Dopamine stops when it’s within your reach. 

  3. Then it is the serotonin that is most active 

  4. If you move forward in the face of danger, or when you’re looking for food or opportunities, dopamine will be released.

  5. But our limbs are not connected to our dopamine system. How does the brain know? 

  6. Eye movements. When you let your eyes move left and right, the brain detects it as movement forward in the face of danger. And it releases dopamine. 

  7. So if you want some ‘free’ dopamine, do that. Haha

How to get more dopamine: 

A. Create 

  1. Have more activity in the creative pathway, the mesocorticol pathway. 

  2. That is, try to remember more often what you want to become and 

  3. Try to have something exciting to create. 

  4. In other words, be less dependent on consumption and more on creation. 

B. Movement 

  1. When we move forward, we will create more dopamine. 

  2. The reason is that nature needs to program us to fight agitation or irritation. For example: when we sit in the cave and feel hungry, there needs a system to make us move forward to find food. This is usually the job of cortisol (another hormone). 

  3. When we are moving forward, our system needs to keep us going, especially when we have already produced a lot of cortisol and adrenaline (which give us more energy). 

  4. But too much adrenaline will cause us to stop moving forward. 

  5. So our system produces dopamine to remove the adrenaline. This also means that we feel motivated and happy to continue moving forward. 

  6. But how does the movement of our limbs trigger the release of dopamine?

  7. Nope. They don’t. It is not the movement of our limbs that triggers the dopamine response. It is our eyes. 

  8. Explanation: When we are going forward to engage with danger or when looking for food, our eyes will be moving and glancing from side to side. 

  9. Our eyes are actually part of our brain. When we are still a fetus in our mother’s womb, our eyes actually grow out from our brain. Thus, our eyes are actually a part of our brain that has grown out to the holes in our skull. 

  10. Anyway, if you need more dopamine and you can’t walk around, glancing around will give you dopamine. 

  11. Another option is looking upwards. Looking up instead of down can make you more dopamine too. 


If people find that it is too troublesome or difficult to remember all the above pillars, we will give them a short cut. The Superhero Executive. Play this game. My favourite game. Cheers!

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