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How to win the prizes:

For games without alliances(beta): 
There are 2 prizes. Basic and Bonus. 

Basic Prize (AKA the smartest hunter prize)

  1. There is only one Basic Prize winner per game. 

  2. The first stage of the game will end when between 49% to 100% of provinces have been occupied. 

  3. Admin decision is final. 

  4. The top 10 players (in terms of Hero Points) at the end of stage one will go into the second stage with zeroised points. 

  5. They will be given 168 hours (7 days) to catch animals and poachers. 

  6. The player who has the 2nd highest capture points wins. Please note that we are not looking at the total number of animals and poachers but points. Some animals have more points than others. 

Bonus Prize 

  1. There are 3 Bonus Prizes in a beta game. There will be 4 Bonus Prizes after beta. 

  2. The top 5 most successful seducers (seduction attacks), kidnapers (physical fighting attacks), CEOs (forced employment attacks) will all win bonus cash prizes. That is, we will have a total of 20 bonus cash prizes after beta. 

  3. The top spot seducer, kidnaper and CEO will each win 1% of our next month’s revenue. The top corporate raider will win 3% of the next month’s revenue instead of 1%. 

  4. Prizes for being 2nd to 5th are 0.25% for all 4 categories. 

  5. (The math: We pay: 20 winners (after beta). For the seducer, kidnaper and CEO: First position = 1%. 2nd to 5th = 0.25%. For the corporate raider: First position = 3%. 2nd to 5th = 0.25%. Total = 6% + 4% = 10% of our next month revenue.)

  6. This bonus cash winnings can be between $20 to $60,000. For example, a certain game ended on 5th of November. So the 20 winners will each have some share of our December revenue. If say our revenue in December is $20,000. Then the most successful seducer, kidnaper and recruiter will win $200 each. The top corporate raider will win $600. All the players in 2nd to 5th places will win $50. 

  7. The minimum prize to win is $20. If say we don’t have any revenue in December, we will pay all the winners $20 each. If say we only have $100 revenue in December, we will pay all the winners $20 each.

  8. If our December revenue is $1,000,000, then the top prizes will be $10,000 and $30,000 respectively. 

  9. As of now, the highest revenue that we are using to calculate the prizes is $1,000,000. Thus, the top prize for corporate raider will be capped at $30,000 and the top prize for others will be capped at $10,000 for now. In the same light, the maximum of any 2nd to 5th prizes will be capped at $2,500.

  10. We will pay the winners within the month of January if the game ended in November. 

  11. During the beta test, we don’t have the corporate raider feature yet. We are still fine-tuning this feature. So during beta, we will only offer prizes of the other 3 categories. 

  12. However, even during beta, because of the complexity of Hero Points calculations, the first 5 games may or may not have these prizes. We are still working hard on it! If we don’t get that straightened out by game 5, we will simply use the top 3 players in Stage 1 (in terms of Hero Points) be named as the top seducer, top kidnaper, and top CEO and get the 1% prize. According, the top fourth to top twelve will get the 0.25% prize. 

  13. At the end of Stage 1, we will shortlist the top 10 players for Stage 2. The five most successful seducers, kidnapers, CEO and corporate raiders will be selected from these top 10 players. That is, players who are not shortlisted for Stage 2 will not win any prizes. 

  14. The players will be judged by their Hero Points. 

  15. Thus, the total amount of money the top winner can get will be (assuming she won the game and also the top corporate raider and top seducer, kidnaper and CEO) $60,300. (During beta, the maximum prize possible for the top player is $30,100). 

For games with alliances(after beta): 

Basic Prize (AKA the smartest alliance member)

  1. At the end of Stage 1, instead of shortlisting the top 20 players, we will shortlist all the players in the top alliance. 

  2. Instead of having the shortlisted players catching animals, we will get them to expose their CEO’s secret 8 digit code. 

  3. Every alliance will vote for their own CEO every week. The number of votes a member has is the same as the in-game currency the member has (wealth) at voting time. Please note that it is in-game currency and not premium currency. 

  4. Each time a new CEO is elected, he or she will submit to us a code by answering a string of 8 questions. 

  5. This code is secret and only known to Admin and the CEO. 

  6. After Stage 1 ended and the winning alliance is proclaimed, each ordinary member will get to ask Admin a single question about the CEO’s code. Admin will answer the question truthfully. 

  7. The ordinary members can then compare notes before making their guesses. They may share real information or lie to others. 

  8. Each member is only allowed to submit a guess once. 

  9. If no one guessed correctly within 48 hours, the prize money will go to the CEO. 

Bonus Prize

  1. Instead of having only the 3 prizes of top Seducer, Kidnaper and CEO, we will also include the top Corporate Raider. 

  2. The top Corporate Raider will take 3% of the following month revenue instead of 1% like the other 3 prizes. 

  3. The 2nd to 5th places in top Corporate Raider will take 0.25% just like the other title winners. 

  4. A Corporate Raider is someone who destroys other’s Business/ Organisation. In our game, this is the biggest damage you can do to other players because their rate of growth will be stunned. 

How to play well so that your chances are higher:

  1. Invest time and effort to capture animals and also upgrade your aspects. 

  2. Try to level up your wealth as fast as you can. 

  3. Try to find out the strengths and weaknesses of each player, especially those closer to your province. (After beta)(During beta, the attack landing times may be the same for all provinces). 

  4. Understand that you need a good balance of aspects, assets and wealth. All 3 are crucial in the attack and defence of your game, against different enemies. 

  5. There is a mysterious element in the game. There will be a player called the Pet Boss. If you can locate her on the world map and engage her, you may be able to get lots of good deals in exchange for the animals you captured or any favour she asked of you. 

Indirect rewards from this game:

  1. You will learn powerful life tips from top scientists, career coaches, brilliant investors and relationship gurus. 

  2. Post beta, you can also create your own content within the game and invite challengers.

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