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Why play this game? 

  1. Entertainment. This game is Open World and Player vs Player. With good game mechanics. 

  2. Improve career skills 

  3. Improve romance 

  4. Improve health 

  5. Improve love 

  6. Combat climate change 

  7. To leverage the understanding of different culture and customs in the world. 

  8. Investment skills and experience 

  9. Negotiation skills and practice 

  10. Taste fear

  11. Taste power

  12. Taste ruthlessness

  13. Many things, apps, games can do the above. But we are guessing that we are the only game that can achieve them together and in a fun way!


It is a fact that everyone is different, both physically and mentally. Thus, no 2 people should expect to have a 100% similar way to get better health or intelligence. 

If you are 50kg and you expect to train like a 90kg person, it won’t end well. 

If you are new to a work place and try to behave like the director who has been there for 30 years, it won’t end well. 

Thus, the need for our game. You can experience stuff that could be wrong in real life. 

Two Important Points To Note:
   1.    Please note that this is not a get rich quick scheme. What we have stated is all true. We will share the profit. Players who contributed more will get more. But just like any endeavour, it takes time. So don’t expect to download the game and earn $10,000 per month immediately. 
   2.    So far, we had been working hard on the game mechanics, business model and information to share with players. We haven’t been really working on the UI. Please give us your suggestions on how the avatar, the fighting special effects, the terrains, the animals, etc should look like. Although we can’t please everyone, we promise to consider all ideas seriously. 


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