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TSE's theory of life 

  1. Our aim is to help people live better and have fun. 

  2. If we know a bit more about life and afterlife, we can live better. 

  3. In life, we need to know about our biological systems, environment and consciousness. 

  4. And we need to keep practicing things that are good for ourselves. 

  5. Having some ideas about afterlife can help stabilise our lives by heaps. 

How some knowledge about afterlife can help us:

  1. Have lesser fear. 

  2. Indirectly understand life better. 

  3. Plan for better life. 

  4. Help others better. 

  5. Have better next life???

First consider the nature of the universe:

  1. Most scientists see the universe as being divided into: 73% dark energy. 23% dark matter.  3.7% hydrogen and helium. 0.3% other elements. That is, 96% of the universe is still a mystery to us. 

  2. We know is that the universe has been expanding since billions of years ago. 

  3. Time is not constant. 

  4. For now, let’s disregard whether the Big Bang or God created the universe. (And let’s not even consider the possibility we learned from the James Webb Space Telescope.)

  5. But the fact is that the universe is expanding at a rate faster than the speed of light. 

  6. What this means for us is: (a) There numerous possibilities of life out there (b) There are mysterious forces out there that is causing the expansion (c) Consciousness is also a type of force; that we don’t understand. 

  7. And since time is not constant, many of the beings in other planets or moons or even stars could have civilisation and technology way ahead of us. 

  8. Earthlings’ technology leaped much faster in the last 50 years than the past 5,000 years. 

  9. It is estimated that our technology will continue to leapfrog at a much faster rate in the years to come. 

  10. Thus, it is possible that in civilisations that were a few thousand or a few million years ahead of us can travel faster than light. 

  11. It is definitely possible that the aliens are living amongst us now. It is also possible that the aliens were here thousands of years ago already and settled down here in another realm. 

What we know about the consciousness:

  1. Consciousness can have an observer effect on quantum mechanics. 

  2. Consciousness can go out of the body and then return. 

What we know about afterlife:

  1. Our consciousness cannot be destroyed. 

  2. Depending on what we believe, we can disappear, go back to God, reborn here or reborn elsewhere. 

Part of what we know about quantum mechanics now:

  1. Observer effect. 

  2. Entanglement effects. (Parallel worlds)

  3. A lot is not known yet. 

What are the types of forces that are known now:

  1. Electromagnetic 

  2. Gravity 

  3. Strong nuclear

  4. Weak nuclear 

What are still unknown:

  1. Dark energy 

  2. Dark matter 

  3. Anti matter 

So, our belief is that we should all try to learn more, live a life full of experience, and try to make others’ dreams come true also.

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