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How to win. Tips for getting ahead. 

  1. The aim in the first stage is to be the top 10 in Hero Points. 

  2. This means you need to grow fast and find out who is strong in which quotient so that you don’t attack the wrong place. 


Grow fast:

  1.  Always try to capture animals when you see them. 

  2. In the upgrading of aspects, start with the portals of SoulBrain and Resources first. 

  3. The next in line will be LockBrain. The reason is that many of the other aspects have SoulBrain and LockBrain requirements. 

  4. Resources are also needed for your upgrade. 

  5. Check out the tab of the website for the Quests & Mini Contest. Try to win some or even all of the contests. The wealth you gain can strengthen many of your quotients by heaps. 


Attack correctly:

  1. Try to make friends with other players so that you can find out about them or others that they know about. 

  2. Checking the Leaderboard in our Discord Channel can also give you an indication who is strong in what. 

  3. The Leaderboard only has the names of the top 20 players. Maybe you should not disturb the big players early in the game. 

  4. Forming unofficial alliances may be a good idea. 

  5. Official alliances are possible only after beta.

To join our Discord Channel "The Superhero Executive", please use this link:

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