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Romance is no doubt one of the greatest thing in the world.

While love can be the greatest, it is romance and courtship that makes a person do the silliest thing. Romance is definitely the most exciting happy emotion in the world. 

Why do we need to promote romance?
It is dying. In many places, it is dying fast. 

Recently, people had been working too hard and spending too little time and effort on romance making. 
And then the explosion of social media… people are now scrolling their phones more than they interact with others. 

A typical lay person knew nothing much about romance skills other than those that were learnt from movies. Because of that, they were usually doing the wrong things! (Because the attractiveness of the movie protagonists are usually much more than the average person.)
Some jokers said that since romance is a 2 person game, we should not need to start alone. But how wrong that is! If you don’t prepare yourself up to a certain level, how do you ever get a good pool of mates to choose from?

For example, if you behave rudely and don’t take care of your looks and health, how many can be willing to become your mates?

So, please go learn about romance. And then practise. If you think it is terrible to practise your skills on a real person, come into The Superhero Executive and practise with us!

Sometimes, we don’t even know what are the kind of people we like to work with, live with or engage with. If we go into the real world to find out, we may be branded badly. So how? Use this game!

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