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Helping Others/ Make A Wish Foundation

We are committed to returning at least 50% of net income back to society. 

Our Make A Wish Foundation will focus on providing to those in need of career or romance help, not so much to charities to feed the needy. 

Our way of helping the financially needy is already in our DNA:

  1. In the game, we teach people how to live a better live and thus not waste time, health, attention and wealth. 

  2. We provide training for them to trade / invest in the stock and commodities markets. 

  3. We provide funds to those who signed up as volunteers. 

  4. We will set up a community, The Superhero Executive Legion, to gather resources. 

For those who need help in career or romance, write to us and we can work things out. 

We have started this project to help as many people as possible in the most meaningful way. 

  1. We try not to give away fish. We want to teach more people to fish. 

  2. Too many people are living life without much knowledge. They are like the proverbial ‘bodies without an instruction manual’. We aim to give this instruction manual to as many people as possible. 

  3. And if the next stage of help required is for money in a good social enterprise (that matches our criteria), we will invest in that business. 

  4. The same may go for romance. If we felt that a particular person has already understood much of the theory and now needed some concrete physical help, we may step in. 

  5. Some people may say: I don’t even have a good chance of getting a job. Our reply is: Play our game well, be a high ranking volunteer, and we may be able pay you well.

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