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Helping Lives Blossom

Happiness, Experience, Romance, Money: The Mobile App

Kickstarter Project: 

Heaven Earth Romance - happiness, experience, romance, $: app

A project that aims to bring happiness, experience, romance and money to the masses - starting with a mobile app!

We had been advised not to say this. But still, here it is:
We are betting that this is the most ambitious, exciting and useful project ever from a small team! 

Let’s talk about Happiness, Experience, Romance and Money before we talk about our app. 

Why are we here in this world? What do you want in life? What is your ultimate goal. 

Most of us already knew that money and material things were never our ultimate goals. But allow us to take a look again:

1. What would you do if you have lots of money? Some will buy a big house. Some will start a big business and employ lots of people. Some will travel the world. 
2. But why do you want a big house or employ many people or travel the world?
3. May be you want to feel comfortable? Secure? Powerful? Freedom?
4. So what we are really after is not the house or big organisation or the sights. What we are after are those feelings!
5. But it doesn’t end there. What do you feel after you achieved those feelings? You feel happy!
6. Yes. Happiness is the ultimate feeling we are after!

In our project, which will start with the app we are asking you to support here at Kickstarter, we will focus a lot on the journey towards Happiness. 

Let’s discuss experience next:

We already know that Happiness is our ultimate goal, that no matter how complicated or simple our journey is, we are all striving for the same destination. 

But should that be our only goal?

We don’t think so...

Imagine this: A person who treasures the feelings of comfort and security living in a big fine house doing nothing much except eating and drinking. 

Do you think he will be satisfied in the end?

Why do you think he won’t won’t be happy for too long? 

Or imagine this: A monk who is very peaceful with himself goes to the top of a mountain and stay there alone for a few decades, meditating. Do you agree that is how a person should spend his life? How about helping the world? How about enjoying more experiences?

In this app, we will try to offer you lots of real life related experiences. 

Some of these experiences are common but more intensive. For example, learning life hacks, upgrading important skills like negotiation, leadership, courtship, investment, etc. You will move up your career ladder and start your own company. You can decide from a choice of 20+ industries to go into. 
We will also give you virtual tours of world famous locations, Germany’s Black Forest, America’s Rockies, China’s Tianzi Mt, Russian Geysers, etc. Of course, in our game, you don’t always need to only walk around like a human being. If you want, you can morph into a bird to enjoy the views from another angle!

Some of the experiences you are going to get in the game are truly scary, but these are also real life possibilities. For example, you may kidnapped! Or seduced, and lose half of all your assets. You may be blackmailed. Or enticed to walk into a trap! Of course, depending on your skills, strategy and preparation, you could also be the predator instead of being the prey!

FAQ on experience:
Why do I want to have the experience of being kidnapped or a kidnapper? There is no chance I will need that experience in real life. 
1. Never say never. :)
2. We are not asking you or preparing you to be a kidnapper or being kidnapped. What we are saying is that different experience, different knowledge, or even different things you say (about yourself or about others) can change the way you think and feel about life there after. 
3. Having the experience of being kidnapped or seduced or being enslaved in a game is not going to be too dramatic. Yet, it could make your mind look further and deeper. 
4. In every situation, you can look at the bad side of things or you you can look at the good side. You can believe that you learned from an experience or you can believe that you are forever damaged by an experience. We rather you opt for the former. 
5. We know that anyone who has just gone through grave hardships or danger will make good plans and good use of his time. His thinking might be changed forever. We are hoping that giving you similar experiences would help you. 
6. Winning needs to be moderated too. If you know about the Stanford Prison Experiment, you know what we meant. In this game, there is opportunity to behave like a boss, as a slave owner and as a schemer. In short, this game also prep you for success!

We mentioned earlier that we all chase after feelings and, all feelings lead to happiness upon accomplishment. 

While there are many important feelings, for example: 
1. Love, which is the most omnipresent 
2. Gratitude, which greatly enhanced our capabilities 
3. Calmness, which bring us peace 
4. Focus, which make us more efficient 
5. Etc. Etc. 

We feel the need to highlight Romance, which had been forsaken by many for a long time. 

Romance  deserves to be singled out because romance is a powerful feeling that can make a person do the silliest and sweetest things. It can keep you awake for hours and it can literally make you go the distance - just to see your lover. 

With this in mind, we have created a dating site in our app. 
But this is not a typical dating site. You can only join if you are a player who has achieved certain levels of EQ, communication, courtship skills, etc. 
Because of this, you can expect to find more enlightened people here. 
There is no need to pay to register, to chat or to check profiles. 
And everyone can share their fantasies in a secret code!!!
Even if you are attached, you can find some exciting ideas here. Hence, we see it as a place for everyone, looking or not looking. 

We are almost done with our game. But for this dating site, we are hoping that you can join us to co-create it. Please see the Rewards section for details. 

Most people are attracted to money. 

We want to highlight $$ in our app because we feel that it will give more excitement to it. Although we are starting small, the rewards in the later part of our journey can literally change lives! We are aiming at a prize of between US$1,000 to US$50,000 (or it’s value in gold or other valuable items) for the winner of each game after beta. 
And, be assured that it is not gambling. You don’t have to risk any stake, but need lots of good skills & strategies to win. Not luck. If something bad befalls you, use the skills you leaned in adaptivity and negotiation to get out. 

 Now, our project:

We see our project as an creative and honourable way to save the world, and make it fairer... 

We are inviting you to join our community through this Kickstarter campaign. 

Our mission is to help the world have more fun, better relationships, exciting romance and the knowledge to live intelligently. We will also provide an avenue for people to trade, network and make money in the app. 

Together, let’s help the poor from staying poor - year after year, generations after generations. Let’s reduce the opportunities of the powerful to bully the weak - time after time. And finally, let’s help the single, unhappy people from being lonely - night after night. 

And let’s do all these using the most modern and most fun way! Let’s play a mobile game! Incredible? Read on!

Please consider this: 

1. If more people understand and remember that we are all created to enjoy our journey on earth,
2. If we all know and remember that everything is energy, that we are energy and that thoughts are energy,
3. If we know and remember that we are all part of God or of the Universe (whatever you choose to call it - that is: a lion is still a lion even if you called it a butterfly), 
4. If we know, are more aware, and remember the ‘whys’ of our decisions and motivations,
5. If we all know and remember more life hacks on how to live a more successful life, for example: how to reduce substance abuse, addiction to gambling or bad temper...
then, there will be more peace, more happiness and more love in our lives, in our world. 

In the words above, noticed we repeated the word ‘remember’ many times. 
We recognise that there are many ways to learn. We can read, attend seminars, or even pay a tutor to learn from. But how many of us will continue to remember those knowledge after some time? 
There is one different way though: The power of learning through play!

Our team has been working on this project for 16 months now, since July 2019. 

We recognise that for people to be excited enough to use our app often, we need to gamify it. By now, after so many months, we are almost ready to launch beta. And it is going to be one of the most cheeky and exciting game you have ever seen! And different too! Friends would even go on to claim that it is of a whole new genre..

The app comprises 3 parts. Heaven. Earth. Romance. 

Heaven: Holds the Networking and Trading platforms. It is also the place for you to contribute your ideas & experience and in return, earn in-game gold e-coins and recognition. 

Earth: Is the place where everyone starts - the multiplayer strategy game. 

Romance: Has a very unique the dating site. To register, you need to have attained certain levels of communication, EQ, courtship skills, etc in the game. You don’t have to pay in order to register, chat, or view other members’ profile! And with a secret code, you can read their secret dreams!

The Game: 

Easy to learn. 
In fact, you can start to play immediately without even learning about it. Very much like real life, where you don’t even need to think how to live... just explore the options (buttons on the main lobby and other scenes). 
Of course, it is extremely hard to master, every player behaves differently. Every alliance behaves differently. And every enemy behaves differently. Just as in real life, nothing is absolutely correct or wrong. 

Description of The Game: 

1. A multiplayer strategy game that requires players to improve real life skills (eg leadership, negotiation, investment, courtship, love, health, faith, focus, gratitude, etc) to power up. So far, we have 65 such aspects in the game. 
2. To make it more fun, let the players attack one another through real life possible scenarios (eg physical fighting, kidnap, seduction, career sabotage, blackmail, corporate takeover, etc). Whether you come out of the attack victorious or not will be determined by the relative strength you and your enemy have. Most of the time, this strength is calculated as a quotient, a total of the combination of a few related aspects. For example, in the quotient of seduction power, we will consider the player’s points in EQ, courtship, intimacy, cooking, etc. 
3. To make it even more exciting, a player who had been kidnaped or seduced, etc will have to sent a pleading or cheeky message, etc (corresponding to the type of defeat suffered) to their captors each time they want to login to their game! This will go on for a few days or until they negotiated a release! (And yes, this first game version is strictly for adults.)😜
4. The game also has its ‘quiet & relaxing’ moments. Players can stroll around world famous locations (modelled after the real world terrains) to hunt/ save wild animals; eg. Germany’s Black Forest, China’s Tianzi Mountains, Russian Geysers, American Rockies. They can also morph into animals or birds to view the sceneries from a different angle. If you join us early enough, you can also suggest your favourite locations!

Videos of American Rockies and Germany’s Black Forest 

To make it meaningful, we are going to reward players in 3 ways:
1. Big real life prize - US$1,000 to US$50,000 or, its equivalent in gold bars or, other items of similar value. 
2. Having a real life dating site in the app to encourage players to improve and test their communication, courtship skills, EQ, etc. Or just to find a potential partner who is ‘enlightened’!
3. Having a sharing or contribution platform for players to network and to trade. Players will be encouraged to contribute/ add on to the thousands of questions/ life hacks we already have in the game - by a reward system. 

Let’s make the world a smarter, more loving and romantic place. We hope you can be as excited as us to make this project a reality!

How to play: 

Video of the school 

The game starts with you as a smart student who is curious about life, success, beauty, power and fun. 

1. You will navigate the 7 different parts of your own human life force. 
2. You will learn the reasons for your everyday and long term decisions and how to control them to your benefit. 
3. With these basics within your grasp, you can then move up to fundamental knowledge and the handling of feelings and emotions (yes, feelings and emotions are different) of love, faith, focus, gratitude, etc. 
4. Next, you will find out more about primary skills like communication, EQ, intelligence, etc. 
5. Next, you will look into secondary skills like creativity, psychic power, sensing electromagnetic vibrations, etc
6. With the above partially in your system, you will be ready for tertiary skills like negotiation, leadership, management, execution, etc. 
7. The tertiary skills will help you upgrade your career - which will directly support your quest for higher income per hour. 
8. When you are rich enough and capable enough, you may want to start your own business. 
9. By owning a business, your wealth will be accelerating at an even higher speed. You can also attack other players in more ways. 
10. However, choose your own industry carefully. Your enemies will be lurking in the corner and waiting to destroy your business if they sense an opportunity. 
11. You would want to team up with others to form alliances. In fact, whether you are in line to win the US$1,000 to US$50,000 or not depends heavily on who you team up with. 
12. If you or your team feels that you are lagging behind in terms of wealth and business, you may try to kidnap or seduced others in order to buy some time. Of course, in this game, you may seduce or kidnap just for the fun of it!
We are going to stop here and not go on to tell you too much. Just be assured that the game is very realistic and fun. 

Video of upgrade, pets, assets, quotients, world map buy home and attack. 

Key Features: 

1. You will enjoy the early game, where you will roam around the beautiful landscapes and looking for animals and treasures. 
2. You will enjoy the amazing life hacks and special human behaviour theory about decisions and successes. 
3. Your life will be changed forever as you learn from world class experts on the latest discoveries on genes, health, business, skills development, quantum physics, etc. 
4. You will feel the excitement as you sneak up against enemies or prepare for their attacks. 
5. The game is complex because it resembles real life. But at the same time, it is easy to learn - also because it resembles real life. In fact, we don’t really see a need to run a tutorial segment. 
6. There are more than 20 types of animals for you to hunt and morph into. 
7. There are more than 20 types of industries that you can set up business in. 
8. You learn how to deal with success and failure. 
9. You learn how to lord over players and how to behave when you are totally helpless. 
10. Just like in reality, you decide what kind of life you want! For example: If you work on your adaptivity, marketing and management skills (and several others) you would be able to do well in your career and wealth to become a successful entrepreneur. If you work hard on your strength, sports, fighting skills, etc, you would be able to protect yourself and your friends physically or, bully the more nerdy players physically. If you build on your attractiveness, EQ, courtship and intimacy skills, you would be able to seduce others easily and get lots of advantages. 
11. This is not a game where you simply click a button to become a fighter or lover. You have to learn from the basics and build up your game as well as your real life. 
12. You decide on your friends and teammates. They can help you to win or drag you down. 
13. For years, parents and teachers have been telling you not to waste your time on games. Yet, for years, we know that one of the best way to learn is through play. Today, we are marrying these two quotes together. Playing our game won’t be a waste of time. Playing our game will help you learn about the world and also about yourself! 
14. We are made to last. Yes. You read it right! Although most games will get boring after some time, even some years, ours will keep evolving; different types of worlds will come up, different animals, science fiction scenes, historical scenes, different cultural ancient scenes, games made for competitions among different companies, intra companies, intra industries, etc. You will find yourself linked to a piece of long living history..
15. So, we acknowledge that learning through play is only one of the best way to learn. Now, what then is the best way to learn? The answer is ‘Learning through Teaching’. When you teach, your knowledge and understanding of a topic becomes much deeper... We will also include that into our app. In the Heaven section, we encourage all players to share their expertise by repaying them with rewards and recognition. 
16. In our Romance section, we will be creating an out-of-the-box dating site. Firstly, it will be totally free. Not like some apps where you only download the app for free but need to pay to read messages or read profiles. Secondly, we only allow players who have certain levels of EQ, communication, courtship skills, etc to register. Thus, you can expect to find some ‘enlightened’ people there. You can also expect far lesser scammers. 

In conclusion, we think that: 
1. Everyone should learn about our life force and the reasons for our decisions so that we can live better. 
2. We should constantly remember that we are connected to the power of God (or Universe) so that we can be happier and more successful. Life will become very different once you know how to harness this power. “As within, so without”. 
3. Life hacks make daily life processes easier and we should try to learn and remember more. 
4. Intelligent Living, Relationships, Love and Romance are things which we should always treasure and be committed to! 

How to join our community?

What’s in it for you? That depends on what you pledge in our  Kickstarter campaign!
Take a look at the list of rewards we’re giving to our supporters. 


Kickstarter is your first and best opportunity to enjoy Heaven Earth Romance! The Kickstarter Campaign gives you great opportunity to play better, get tips, advertise yourself, create your own cities. 

We feel that our backers are major contributors to our passion and our business. Thus, we do not take this lightly, and we know there is always risk in backing a crowdfunding campaign. Because of this, we want to make sure that our backers get the best possible deal.

The pledge levels you are backing this project cat are set to give you the greatest possible value, as our way of saying ‘thank you’ for your support. The merchandise offered are limited edition. 

We are grateful to you. You have a big hand in the success of the game and we appreciate that! 

We also look forward to chatting with you about the process and the game overall. We are focused on anything we can do to improve your experience with the game. 

FAQ: copy from our website!

All physical merchandise rewards fulfillment will be processed at the ending of the project, which is when we will collect all patron address and shipping info. All items will be shipped from Singapore. 
All digital merchandise rewards will of course, be fulfilled after we launch the game. 

Risk and challenges

Every project has its risks - there are plenty of circumstances within and outside of our control that could come up. 

However, being the life mission for our Co-founder/ CEO, we are committed to see this project come to fruition. 
Morgan has gone through a lot since his 4-hour seminars and books published on human behaviour theory between 1999 and 2000. And he has been thinking how to help more people live a better life for a long time. Come wind or fire, our team will see to it that the app is launched successfully. 

We have already done the hardest parts: The  wireframe, the coding of the players’ upgrading, attack and defence, incorporating a world map with 7,000 cities, deductions after the clash of quotients, the morphing of players into animals, animations, etc. 

What we need to do now is to complete the remaining work on the game and then create the dating site and the networking and trading platform. If any challenges arise, we will keep you informed every step of the way. But even more, we hope that you can take part in our final design of the dating and networking platforms. 

It is a solid undertaking to create a mobile game. And as you can see, our game is very complex. We have commited resources and manpower to create a wide array of content to show you in the Kickstarter campaign, to excite you, and hopefully make you believe in us and our mission. We thank you for your support, and we are looking forward to seeing you in the community hub on Discord after beta launch!

If you have any questions for Heaven Earth Romance about this campaign, please email

Thank you picture 

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about Heaven Earth Romance! With your help, we can make that dream of helping more people a reality soon!

An exciting game which resembles real life. A dating site that is real life. An opportunity to help others’ lives. A prize so big that it can change lives!

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