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profit-sharing science-based game

Want to learn the skills of negotiation and leadership?
Want to learn the skills of romance and intimacy?

Want to meet like-minded people?

Knowledge is power, Connection is power; and what better ways to learn & connect than through playing a fun game?
+ You can win S$100 per game. 
The first to win 7 games gets a S$2,000 bonus!

Play this free mobile game and you can achieve all the above!!! But there’s a catch: You need to have a really competitive and inquisitive mind. Because this game doesn’t tell you how to play. You need to figure things out yourself! 

Adults only. 
Our game is still in Beta. This is the best time to play!

Download the mysterious and multifaceted game, The Superhero Executive, from the Google Play Store now!

We believe that you will enjoy the game better if you figure out yourself how to play rather than finding out from our website. Having said that, we do have a section on the website that we hope players would visit soon: Quests / Mini Contests. 


The game:

You will start the game on a temperate island. To the best of your abilities, figure out how to grow your power and wealth so that you can attack other players to emerge as the winner!

Even logging in is a challenge! And when you are in the game, there is no indication on where to go or what to do. Even the NPCs won’t talk to you!! To get some insight into the game, you need to capture animals. Yet those crazy animals tell you stuff randomly!

So you need to capture lots of animals. They don’t just give you messages. They also give you energy. However, you need to figure out how to convert animals into energy and then use it to attack others! 

Energy is useful for physical fights only. For seduction and business attacks, you need other aspects. To get these aspects, you need to travel to specific places in the game to gather knowledge.

Wealth is an unique aspect. You use it to buy assets. (You can also use it to for unfriendly corporate takeover.) Assets = Power. So you need to invest wisely because different assets strengthen different parts of your life. 

There are 24 assets to trade in and profit from. Examples are: Gold, Guns, Hotels, Farms, Art Pieces, Boats, Planes, etc. The prices of these assets are tagged to real world market prices and they move up and down accordingly. 

Next, there is a world map with 4,000 provinces to choose from. Player vs Player attacks are done on the map. 

So it is really tough to win! Are you game?

We are a profit-sharing social enterprise from Singapore.

If you are between 18 to 38 and working your way up the social ladder, this is a mobile game for you!
This game is free. Not only that, we even share our profit with you!!!

This is how it works: 
1. Better Market Value: We have an interesting Courtship•Career•Crime game. As you play, you learn important life tips on health, relationships, courtship, career & investment from the world’s top scientists & experts. The game also offers real-world-price trading in major stock and commodity markets to enhance investment experience. 
2. Profit-Sharing: We share 50% of our annual profit (earned through in-game advertisements, purchases, sales of souvenirs & How To Enjoy A Lifetime Of Exciting Romances ebook):

A. 22% to Volunteers. Players don’t need to spend any money to qualify as a Volunteer. All you need to do is to go into the game: Menu>Get More Coins>Watch Video To Get 1 Coin and watch 5 videos. Then send us a screenshot of you having 35 coins (We give everyone 30 coins to start with.) 

B. 22% to Supporters. Volunteers who made any purchases or become our patron at Patreon can become a Supporter. IF you are interested, this is our Patreon link:

C. 6% for charity. Top tiered Volunteers vote on which charities we donate to. 
3. Prizes: In addition to the profit-sharing, players can win cash prizes. The winner of every game wins S$100. The first to win 7 games wins our annual contest and wins a bonus of S$2,000.
4. Commission: Our game’s prototype can be used by organisations for product training, staff orientation, competitions, etc. It can also be used by organisations or individuals to promote themselves or leave a legacy. After all, publishing a game is much more inspiring than publishing a memoir or magazine! If you connect us with such deals, we will pay you up to 50% commission! 

You should play this game because:
1. You learn Leadership skills. Investment skills. Negotiation skills. Intimacy skills. Etc.. 
2. You get real money, up to 4% of our annual profit!
3. You can get 50% holiday deals. 
4. You can join our secretive club to help others in their careers and romances. 

Please don’t think that this is a get rich quick scheme or that you will be paid big bucks immediately. 

There is also no way to pay your way through to win. This is definitely not a pay-to-win game. 
This is a strategy game. Not a fast paced shooter game. 
The game resembles real life. But it is still a game. So, please don’t be too upset with the crime. After all, this is a Courtship•Career•Crime game!

(Winners and members will be contacted by Admin via Discord / email to proceed with prize and profit share withdrawals.

In summary:

This is our offer: Real money (S$100 per game) for you to win. A fun game. Lots of useful life tips. Romance skills & opportunities. Power to help others in romance & career. Profit sharing & voting rights. No purchase needed. 

What do you have to do: Figure out how to win in our mobile game. Join our community. Alert us if you found anything wrong with our game content. Get your friends to join in (optional). 


Outwit others in this 5X game of seduction, business sabotage, trading, spying, betrayal, leadership, self-healing, motivation and development.  

eXplore. eXpand. eXploit. eXterminate. eXpose!

Picture of Earth after login.jfif

How this game is played:

Gameplay summarised into the context of 5X
eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate, eXpose!

1. EXPLORE: Start the game by exploring the 11 hunting grounds for animals and links to improve your life skills. 
2. Explore the world map to know the locations of other players. 
3. EXPAND: Upgrade your resources by learning about yourself and the world. 
4. Upgrade your seduction, kidnap and business quotients by increasing your knowledge as well as by investing wisely. 
5. Upgrade your career and wealth. Build your organisation.
6. Shift the power of your attacking and defending quotients by selling and buying assets. 
7. EXPLOIT: Buy a home in any of the 4,000 provinces. 
8. EXTERMINATE: Use wealth, tricks and power to attack others in order to get yourself or your alliance to the top. 
9. EXPOSE: To win the prize money after Beta, you need to be the first player of the biggest alliance to expose the secret code of your CEO. During Beta, you just need to be the smartest hunter.

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