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profit-sharing science-based game


Outwit others in this 5X game of seduction, business sabotage, trading, spying, betrayal, leadership, self-healing, motivation and development.  

eXplore. eXpand. eXploit. eXterminate. eXpose!

Picture of Earth after login.jfif

How this game is played:

Gameplay summarised into the context of 5X
eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate, eXpose!

1. EXPLORE: Start the game by exploring the 11 hunting grounds for animals and links to improve your life skills. 
2. Explore the world map to know the locations of other players. 
3. EXPAND: Upgrade your resources by learning about yourself and the world. 
4. Upgrade your seduction, kidnap and business quotients by knowledge as well as investing wisely. 
5. Upgrade your career and wealth. Build your organisation.
6. Shift the power of your attacking and defending quotients by selling and buying assets. 
7. EXPLOIT: Buy a home in any of the 4,000 provinces. 
8. EXTERMINATE: Use wealth, tricks and power to attack others in order to get yourself or your alliance to the top. 
9. EXPOSE: To win the prize money after Beta, you need to be the first player of the biggest alliance to expose the secret code of your CEO. During Beta, you just need to be the smartest hunter.

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